Monday, May 02, 2005

Elderly People and Rudy

YES, we had NO bana....I mean, internet, in the Highlands (unless you count the 45 minutes on Thursday at the Fort William library some 20 miles away).

So, while I organize photos and posts, here are my two favorite photos of the entire trip (until you get to the sheep, but that's for later).

Throughout the trip, we kept seeing these "Elderly People" signs in cities/towns but could never stop fast enough for a photo. When we finally caught one, it wasn't until I got back in the car that I noticed the backdrop. Yes, a cemetery! Donica and I both laughed and laughed.

Which is as good a time as any, I guess, to send an album of cemetery photos! Not to sound morbid, but I love walking through old burial sites. They're so peaceful and quiet (yes, Amy, like Christmas trees) and full of history. They make up their own stories as you walk through them. And there's just something about the Celtic crosses.

Now come 'round full circle to Rudy, this darling laddie from the Scottish Isle of Skye. Oh my! He took my breath away. I guess you could say the future of Scotland lies in 0ne such as he. How could you resist him!

There wuz a laddie come from Scotland,
Hieland laddie! Bonnie laddie!
Bonnie laddie from fair Scotland,
Me bonnie Hieland laddie O!
Way hay an' away we go!
Hieland laddie, bonnie laddie!
Way hay an' away we go!
Me bonnie Hieland laddie O!

Two days after finding Rudy, my sister-in-law's mother died in Michigan, at age 89. Life is like that...full-circled death-resurrection cycles.

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