Wednesday, May 04, 2005

HOLD FAST: Donica's Clan and Castle

That's right. Thanks to her maternal great-grandmother, this is Donica's CASTLE DUNVEGAN on the Isle of Skye, owned and run by Donica's Clan MacLeod, whose crest's motto is HOLD FAST.

In spite of the fact this wasn't our favorite castle for outer looks, it was the one place in Scotland we were bound-determined to see because of it's connection to Donica's family. As another 13th century castle, it stands alone in Scotland as the only castle successively inhabited and by the same clan throughout its 800-year history. In fact, the current (and 29th) chief, John MacLeod of MacLeod (don't you love it!), lives there with his family as we speak.

Every clan has its own tartan (plaid colors) as well as crest. In fact, everywhere we went in Scotland we would see tartans at places of business and would find out the owner was a Mac-Whatever. Our B&B hotel in Portree, for instance, had this MacLeod carpet (left photo) while the Duncan House jeweller on the right was a bit more unassuming with his MacLeod scarf.

Mac means son. I assume it also means daughter? Son/daughter of Leod (now I know why they kept the Mac). I wonder if there's a MacHart to be found (yes, I found a Machart site and maybe hart means hard, strong, brave, making me a Bravehart, I hope? A wannabe?) And if so, what would my colors be...and my crest's motto?

For now, being a MacHart of MacLeod is good enough for me: HOLD FAST, Ginnie and Donica! I love it.

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