Monday, May 23, 2005

The OMIGOD Prague Weekend!

Just as I suspected, the train ride into the Czech Republic was absolutely spectacular! At Dresden, Germany, before crossing the border, we picked up the Vltava River on our left side, all the way into Prague.

Where did those cliffs come from? And how far do they go? What castle is this and where in the Czech Republic? Perhaps a detailed map will someday tell me, but for now, I haven't a clue. I'm just delighted my camera captured them on a moving train!

These sights mesmerize me. I'm sure we have hundreds of places in America that astound Europeans, perhaps in the same way. The Grand Canyon, Arizona desert, New England shoreline, the Great Lakes, Colorado Rockies, California name a few. Do we take what we have for granted? Do the Europeans do likewise? I'm sure.

I've spent the entire day, it seems, organizing photos and making albums to put into my posts. It reminds me of chinese cooking: the prep time is longer than the actual cooking! And the albums are still publishing as we speak.

Time is everything right now, which is so appropriate. This astronomical clock on the side of the Old Town Hall is one of the main attractions in Prague. And yes, it tells time, even if it is an hour ahead/behind because of not calculating the time change. Guess they didn't worry about such things in 1490!

Assuming my albums are ready by tomorrow, I'll tell you about the appeal of this great European city, population of just over 1 million, covering 200 sq miles at its outer limits. This is Bohemia at its best.

Actually, I'll tell you whether my albums are ready or not! You know me!!

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