Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Phone Home

There are some posts that simply stand on their own and don't get associated with castles or sheep or churches or all the lochs. They just are all by themselves.

And this is one of them. Every time I saw such a phone booth standing out in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to Phone Home. And if I had called you, I would have tried to explain, in graphic detail, just exactly where I was and what I saw in a 360° circle around me.

I guess you had to be there!

BTW, there were oodles of these photos made into greeting cards everywhere Scotland souvenirs are sold. Early on in the week, I told Donica I may have found my Second-Adulthood calling: greeting cards! I kid you not. Seriously. Truth be known. I think I could really get excited about my own line of cards (From the Hartland), utilizing my photos. Don't know if I'm crazy because I don't yet know what it involves, but knowing me, I'll do the research.

Can you picture me doing that? If so, Phone Home (er--just leave a comment).


  1. Yes, I can see you doing the greeting card thing!! After watching you, and what used to be my digital camera, all of last week...it is a perfect fit. And, I think the idea of pictures used for puzzles is another possibility. There are pictures you took on our trip last week that are better than the post cards of the same shot that were for sale.

    I say, do the research and make it happen. I think your "true niche" might have arrived.

    I just had a thought...does this mean that we can write off all of our travel as a business expense????

  2. Donica is right about maybe this is your niche... your shops of my wedding were superior as well as all your travel shots. Didn't see you in action with Donica's camera nor do I know about the business deduction... But enjoy.

  3. Awwww. Thanks to both of you, Donica and Peggy, for your vote of confidence. That really encourages me. It's definitely something I could get excited about, especially if I can figure out how to produce and market them. My wheels are going 100 mph!

    And Peggy, I really look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!