Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Romantic Castle Eilean Donan

Of all the castles in Scotland, they say EILEAN DONAN is the most romantic, again, from the 13th century. If you're from Clan MacRae, it's also your birthright.

I've purposely posted both shots to show the difference in the tide between morning and afternoon. The photo on the left was taken mid-morning and the photo on the right was taken mid-afternoon, on two different days. I'm guessing water made all the difference in the world back when castles were fortresses to be protected at all costs! (I'm also guessing there was more water back then when global-warming was not an issue?)

Eilean Donan is the castle you pass just before crossing this bridge over to the Isle of Skye where we spent two days. We fell in love with Skye, in spite of the one-track, nerve-wracking roads. The population is 9,000 (people, not sheep) and in Portree, their largest city, where we spent the night, it's 2,000. A lovely little town.

I love islands/spaces you can get your hands around. Don't get me wrong. It would take a lot of time to get to know Skye. But it felt like a good start for picturing where at least the major landmarks are. And don't forget, that's where we found little laddie, Rudy (5/2 post)!

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