Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Sunday At Hannover's Lake

When we returned from Scotland on Saturday, 4/30, we had a rare next day, Sunday, free, here in Hannover. And what do Hannoverians do on Sunday, especially when the weather is unseasonally warm and sunny? They go to the lake!

I had read it in all my books: "Maschsee Lake has something for every taste: action, and tranquility, swimming and sailing, bicycle riding, walking and inline skating." But I had only seen it from the Town Hall cupola (4/15 post) when I walked the Red Thread (above photo). It seemed so far away.

What a nice surprise, then, to take Donica out to see some of the sights I wanted her to see, ending up behind Town Hall at the Masch pond, the bridge, park and then, voila, the lake! There it was, not far at all. And that's where we spent the rest of our day.

What a spectacular day! What a family day! What a lovers' day! What an R&R day (after a week of vacation)! The photos tell it all. Nicholas would have had a blast, especially on our little one-hour cruise around the lake.

To top it off, as we were leaving, scores of soccer fans were arriving for a Hannover soccer game (that we went home to watch on TV). The stadium angles off one corner of the lake. What a view! Notice the soccer scarves (it was in the 70s at 6p but I'm guessing the later evening was cool enough for them). Sports fans, I'm sure, are the same the world over. Donica was very tempted to see if we could buy tickets, just for the halibut...but decided getting sleep was more important for work the next day. Decisions, decisions.

Masch Lake or Maschsee Lake (see = lake, so adding lake is redundant) is artificial, BTW, "but what difference does that make," as one book says. (Yes, Susan, the water is still real--a family joke)!

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