Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yes, She Really Does Go To Work!

For two months now I have wanted to take you on the tram ride to see what it is that we both see whenever we ride to City Center (where the train station is) or when Donica goes to and from work. Finally! I took 2 hours today and rode the tram, getting on and off to take better pictures, just to do this show-n-tell. Solvay Pharmaceuticals, where Donica works, is familiar to almost everyone here in Hannover because it's a BIG company. And this is exactly what you see at the Clausewitzstrasse stop from the tram. This is the first stop from City Center after you come out from underground and thus is a good place to start the 10+ minutes to our stop for the long block to our apartment home.

There's a long stretch of business/commercial and apartment buildings, some of which are a combination of the two (our apartment building, for instance, has a realtor's office on the front ground level). There's at least one church, a school, a hospital, various shops (including ice cream!), and an assisted-living building under construction...most of which I've captured in the photo album.

The cozy, shady houses as we get closer to home blow me away. I stare at them every time I go by. They are obviously well-established and manicured and would fit in so perfectly in several areas of Atlanta. Or let's just say Atlanta would be impressed.

I have particularly enjoyed watching the trees and flowers bloom as we've been here throughout the spring. It was sad to miss Atlanta's spring, especially the dogwoods, but I've felt more than replenished by the beauty here. The family life is so wonderful, as evidenced by the bikes you see everywhere, for adults and kids alike. Sometimes it's clearly grandparents with their grandkids, going for ice cream, or just riding around. I love it and wish Atlanta were compact enough or neighborhood-friendly for bike-riding. (Sigh) Donica and I have actually talked about getting an old clunker for use whenever we're here.

After hearing the conductor say "Kaiser-Wilhelm Strasse," it's time to pay attention for the next stop, which is ours: Grosser Hillen. And there indeed you see that Donica really did go to work!


  1. What a cutie! I love seeing D get off the tram. :)


  2. Thanks Ruth! It is more likely that I am falling off the tram after a very long day....and all those youngsters behind me are impatiently waiting for me to get out of the way.