Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas in Hannover: Some Impressions

It's even better at night (the train station and the pyramid carousel)!

Both before and after our 3+ hours in City Central yesterday evening, it lightly rained. But during our walking around, we were rain-free. How fortuitous! We ate (I had the Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus = potato fritters with applesauce), walked all around, took pictures (me), and bought presents (Donica). If we had only that time during this trip to see the sights, we would certainly have lasting impressions.

Landlady Uschi gave me a newspaper clipping that gives the following trivia re: the lighting for Hannover's Christmas Market: the light sets cost 105,000 Euro ($122,871); the electrical cost is 11,000 Euro ($12,872); and there are 20,000 light bulbs.

We'll go back, of course. There's Glühwein (warm wine) to drink, Lebkuchen and Spekulatien (gingerbread and "windmill" cookies) to eat, the 30-minute Marktkirche light show to see (inside), and another long street behind the train station of popular Advent sites/sights (not sure what that means). The week is young but it will be so quickly over.

Carpe Diem Noctem is in order!


  1. You are absolutely correct, night visions at the market are much more exciting that the day time! By the way, where are the 100 (or so) more pictures you have taken??? I would love to relive it all again, and again, and again via all of your pics!!

  2. Yes, I have only just briefly touched on night photography and what I saw I loved.

    These are beautiful photos Ginnie. All of them (especially that bluey-green ornaments one).

    Perhaps you could make a slideshow for Donica.

    Me, I take hundreds of photos at any given time and then throw most of them out -- that's the joy of digital photography :-)

  3. HA to both of you, Donica and PG. I DID throw out some of those photos, Donica, but still have several that I will want to combine with others by the end of the week. I neglected to mention in my post that I was definitely planning a photo album of Hannover's Christmas Market as a token of this great memory! I promise, I promise! Thanks to both of you.

  4. Wow! The spirit of Christmas is there! Love your pics!