Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Soul in the Market

The Christmas Market, that is. Did you notice this which-photo-does-not-belong in my Christmas in Hannover post from the other day? There are those times when you're just walking along and minding your own business when SUDDENLY, out pops God (usually synonymous with Soul!).

That's what happened when I saw this Native American duo on the sidelines of Christmas. In that moment, they became Christmas for me. Incarnational God-beome-man! I can't explain it. It's some place in the deepest Soul where there are no words (which can be shocking for those who know me, I know!).

I will never forget this man or what he represents for me. He, too, was in that deep place and probably had no clue that he took me there with him. Nor did he know I had put a few coins in his basket so I could take his photo (guess that was the job of the other guy!).

Everywhere we go in Europe, at all the major tourist spots, there are indigenous musicians from other countries (usually South America) who sell their CDs. Donica asked if I wanted one of this duo and then added that I never listen to the ones I already have. That's true. But I still like to help finance the cause. This one is different, however, because it's MY indigenous Soul, which is Native American (as opposed to Quechua, for instance). I think they wore their headdresses to let me know which Soul they represented. I didn't buy the CD the other day but hope to God they're there tonight so I can have a second chance. Of all the ones to support, it would be theirs!

Midst all the Christmas hubbub and commercialism, there IS Soul in the marketplace if you just keep your eyes open.


  1. You know, this year, I was not feeling the Christmas Spirit. But after seeing those nice pics you posted, I am beginning to feel it more. Thanks! And let us know if you bought the CD... :o)

  2. I understand such moments Ginnie. And these are very touching photos.

    I think the feeling when I listen to Canada's Huron Carol is much the same. This music stretches my heart.

  3. You're so kind, MP. Thanks. No, I did NOT buy the CD. They were nowhere to be found last night and Donica thinks that maybe they were here only for the weekend. I've looked for them online but don't even know their name! So for now they will just be in my Soul, which will have to be enough!

    I listened to Huron Carol this morning, PG, and agree with you. To have the heart, mind, and soul "stretched" is like eternity standing still! Thank you.