Friday, January 06, 2006

The Cottage Barn

It actually isn't the cottage barn, in that it doesn't belong to us, but for how long it's been a memory, it's as though it were ours! Just a hop, skip and a jump from the cottage. The Sibs (my level) don't have the memories as much as The Cousins (our kids).

But first, on the way to the barn, we have to take pictures, of course! Just more impressions of that neck of the woods, so to speak.

In all the years since 1963, my freshman year in college, I had no clue there were horses nearby. So when sister Ruth told me they were in the woods, I went out to find them. Almost an hour later, when I was ready to give up, there they were...waiting for me!

Then I bade them adieu, telling them I was on my way to the barn and had to leave. Said I was so glad to meet them, of course. Then out across the fields, past this rusty old tractor sitting out there like it was nobody's business.

And there it was, out in the middle of nowhere: The Barn.
Full of the memories of kids playing around--memories that trickle up to The Sibs from time to time and we just stare back quite blankly. When did they do that and where were we! I guess what we didn't know didn't hurt us.

Like I said, it's not our barn but it might as well have been!


  1. Great photo commentary. It made me feel just as close as I would have been being there.

  2. Thanks, expat. I have read your comments elsewhere and really like your site, which I have now added to my sidebar!

  3. Ah, more wonderful photos, Ginnie! This time they're reminding me of vacations in the Cariboo/Interior area of British Columbia with all the horses and old barns. On the other side of the continent but probably quite similar.

    And what a beautiful family you have. I think I'd have trouble keeping track of so many people!

  4. These are wonderful photos Ginnie! Christina has a good point with her being reminded of the Cariboo of BC. I am reminded of some old barns in rural Manitoba.

    I think it is really neat that your photos of a place we've never been, cause us to remember places that we have visited.

    There must be a word for this kind of phenomenon but I don't know what it is.

  5. Thanks, Christina and PG. The closest word I can come up with is déjà vu for the sense of your having been there. There is a definite feel to the place. How fun it would be to see what you're talking about to compare. And Christina, sometimes I/we DON'T keep track of each other :) Guess that's what big families are about.

  6. Ginnie - I often think with the déjà vu thing that we perhaps *have* been there before. Who knows? :-)

    Here's an interesting site with a bit of information on the Cariboo.

  7. What a great site, Christina! We drove through Vancouver to our ship for the Alaskan Inside Passage cruise, and on the east coast, we cruised from Boston, around Nova Scotia to Quebec City. Which is to say we have lasting memories of bits of Canada, which we treasure. But I could certainly go for MORE.

    I agree about the déjà vu thing. That's how I feel about Europe. I've been there before! Actually, that's how I also feel about Canada, which in many ways (thankfully) is more European than American.

  8. I'm not sure why that old barn is so appealing...but you're right, it's one of my strongest memories from the cottage. Whenever I visit, I don't leave until I throw a rock through the highest window. Some days I'm there longer than others. ;-)

  9. Pete, now I know why there are hardly any whole boards left in that entire barn! HA.

  10. these are great photos--in fact since we missed the cottage this winter, some became the winter pictures on our 2006 calendar! in fact i'm thinking of making the entire calendar a "cottage" one...isn't publisher great? unfortunately, it may be creating a sluggish printing business to my mother's dismay!

  11. Awwww, Shari. How sweet! That means the world to me. Thanks for your comment. So sorry we missed you and yours at the cottage but hopefully we'll see you in July again?! I'm finishing up an album of photos, as we speak, to send out to Hartville, hopefully by tomorrow. There will be lots of pics for you to get a feel for our time together. Take care and say HI to Garland and the girls.