Friday, January 20, 2006

Bloggers Unite! *

Not just in Cyberspace but in the REAL real world! Two of us bloggers who live in the Hannover area rendezvoused yesterday morning at this lovely coffee shop near the Hauptbahnhof (train station) in City Center.

It just didn't make a lot of sense to read about someone's life day after day, living just minutes away, and not attempt an up-close and personal interaction. So I invited and Christina came!

Christina, author of the Mausi blog, is every bit as charming and delightful as I expected her to be, if not more so. (And I'm just saying that 'cuz it's true :) With her full permission, here she is as my camera saw her.

Yakkity-yak. Yakkity-yak. Just picture 2 Gemini women going at it 100 mph, no awkward moments of wondering what to talk about next, learning as much as we could about each other, our families, and our life in general. And all in our framework of 2-1/2 hours before she had to go back home to meet her boys after school.

I knew it would be Soulful, but you need to go to her post to see how soulful it was...for both of us! (Thanks, Christina. You just beat me to the punch! It's hard for me to believe for a minute that you are shy!) And if you by chance saw her January 16th post on Refrigerators (of all things), you'll know why I have dubbed her the Mother Hub of our blogging group. After 40 comments, who can ever beat her! But we both agreed that Prairie Girl needs to have the IT/Support Help Desk honor, as well as Photography Mentor, HTML Guru, and Sociology Director (she is, after all, the one who connected so many of us). I see them both as the glue that holds most of us together.

So here we are, blogger-friends united in one serendipitous, eternalized moment in Time.

So who will it be next and where! Donica and I visited Vancouver once (where Christina is from originally and where Expat Traveler now lives) and Quebec City (where MerlinPrincesse, her sister Clo, and Mei Shile live). Who knows, maybe we'll visit there again. Or some of your other places in this shrinking world. But whether in real life or blogging life, which actually feels just as real, here's to us uniting as one grand community!

Should someone come up with a name for us!?!

[* I wrote my "Blogger's Unite!" title before I saw Christina's "bloggers unplugged." I swear to God!]


  1. Oh I LOVE this post, Ginnie. Every bit as soulful! We'll *definitely* have to do this again. :-)

  2. Very nice story, very nice images, very nice women :-) Thanks for the tip with the Kakao Stube. If I'll ever come to Hannover again, I'll surely want to visit that place.

  3. I love the post too. So let me understand one thing. Do you officially live in Hannover or are you just over for a longer visit?

    And yes I'd be so up to meeting up with anyone who is in Vancouver. :)

  4. I loved both your and Christina's posts about this. How exciting to find these connections. I wish I'd had something like this when we lived in Istanbul! But that was pre-tech days.


  5. Wonderful photos Ginnie! Perfect in every way, not too bright or dark, nor too yellow or blue :-)

    Soft lovely photos of two attractive women. I think this meetup was a marvelous idea.

  6. I could not be happier that you two got to meet and share time together. Reading the posts from y'all has made my day!

  7. If you want to visit Quebec, I would be very very happy to meet ya! And so would Clo! And we could have some laughs with Mei too in a cool French Restaurant. Love your post! It's cool to meet in real life!!!! I did with Mei, thanks to JKirlin and PG, and it is soo fun to know you have a new friend!!!

  8. I agree with that! I'm sure we'll meet some day and have a great time! Christina and you look wonderfull on that pic!

  9. I came over from Christina's site; I have yet to meet a blog friend and found this so wonderful to read that you have!

  10. After a weekend away, how "Soulful" to find y'all (bit of Atlanta!) here!

    Christina: yes, we'll definitely make it happen again!

    KPK: you'd love that place! Many nooks and crannies everywhere.

    Expat Traveler: I think we're one step away from being expats ourselves since we have to count the number of days we're in Germany/Hannover. Donica is in a global position with her company and is stationed in Atlanta. But she was in Europe 7 months last year, 6 months minus 3 days in Germany. If she's in one country longer than 6 months throughout any year, she'd have to do the expat thing or pay taxes to that country. We're not there yet!

    Since she still works in Atlanta, we go back-n-forth. When she goes to Germany, I go with her and take care of her :)

    Ruth: how I wish you could have experienced this in Instanbul! I wonder how that experience would have changed for you??

    PG: thanks for the compliment on the colors. That means a lot coming from you! :)

    Dixie: and now you have made my day!

    MP and Clo: I guess I can lump you two together since you're sisters, right? You can bet your bottom dollar that if I ever get to Quebec City again, we'll plan a first-rate rendezvous for the 4 of us...Mei included!

    Cathy: thanks for "coming over." I guess we are witness to the fact that it can be a good thing to meet with fellow bloggers! It doesn't have to happen--meeting in REAL real life. But it was definitely frosting on the cake for us.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing our joy! That means a lot!!

  11. Interesting meeting! I long to see you coming in Québec City!

  12. We loved Quebec City so much, Mei, that maybe we'll just have to go back some day! We were on a cruise ship and were there for just one day. It clearly deserves more than that!

  13. If you were on a cruise, you may have come near my bookshop, it's in the Old Port. Maybe you passed in front of it, it's on St.Paul Street, where there is many antiquarians. I am an antiquarian bookseller.

  14. Oooh-la-la, Clo! I bet we walked right by your bookstore! Indeed. I don't remember names of streets but we walked through that old, quaint, pedestrian part of the city (by where we docked) several times.

    So I DID know you in my past life :) I just didn't know you were an antique bookseller! I would have loved visiting your shop.


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