Thursday, January 26, 2006

GOSLAR, Germany: The Ducat Man

As a side note to my last post on Goslar's Market Square, where our Kaiserworth Hotel sat, let me introduce you to the Ducat Man (das Dukatenmännchen) who sits on the eastern side corner of the hotel.

To give you perspective, he sits under the statue of someone who, I think, is supposed to represent Lady Justice. (If anyone can help me out here, please do.) She definitely is not one of the 8 emperors adorning the front of the hotel. I at least know that much. But as fate would have it, she's looked at more often than all the emperors combined, thanks to said Ducat Man.

The Ducat Man is supposedly a humerous personification of a coin-minting workshop for those who could not pay their debt. Apparently the neighboring governors were jealous of Goslar's coin revenue from its Rammelsberg mines and wanted Goslar to relinguish it. This Ducat Man was Goslar's response.

If you can't take a joke! (Click on the photos to get the full effect :)

The eight imperial rulers on the front of the hotel (which used to be the merchants' guild) governed the city from 919 to 1138 and were responsible for showering blessings on the town. After that followed the feuds, during which our funny Ducat Man was added. Below are two of the emperors up close and personal, standing sentry just feet away from our hotel window. What a nice sense of security!


  1. Poor little guy. I think he needs a laxative... And I think the Lady looks more like the Goddess of Wealth...(from what she holds in her hand). But I'm not sure...

  2. Wow that's one crazy statue if I ran across him on my first visit. I'm not sure what I would think. I'm sure many are puzzled by it too.... Love the pics.

  3. MP: Ha, a laxative is right. And maybe she is the Goddess of Wealth. Makes more sense.

    Expat Traveler: I didn't have a clue until I read about it. But the tour guys sure did spend a lot of time talking (in German!) about him! I sure wished I could understand what they were saying. Glad you like the pics. Thanks.

  4. Hilarious! I love it. :D

    Oh, while I'm here, I've added your blog to my roll (... man, that sounds kinda obscene...), is this okay with you?

    ~later, gater

  5. That's so funny! And something you might just pass by if you weren't paying attention.

    The things people come up with, eh?

  6. Lisa: Of course! Thanks for the pat on the back :)

    Christina: Isn't that the truth. The things people come up with AND the things we miss when we aren't looking!

    CS: Thanks! I love a good laugh :)