Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to IN SOUL

It is so hard to believe but it's true: In Soul, my blog, turns one today. And if you were all here, I'd throw a party for her!

She's me, of course (which is why I call her HER). She's the epitome of me being born, opening my eyes, learning to crawl and starting to walk. And finding a Pack to belong to!

Donica had come home from work one day a year ago and said she heard something on the radio that she thought might interest me: Blogging. In fact, she made her own test site first to show me. So I guess you could say Donica birthed it for me. Little did she know I would really like it and take off with it!

I remember, for instance, when I knew only basic things, like how to eat and drink. I knew absolutely no HTML. Couldn't align text left or right of an image. Was able to follow only the simplest of tasks. I had to keep reminding myself, for God's sake, that I had just been born!

Around nine months old, I serendipitously found Prairie Girl (PG) on my Stat Counter (which nephew Nate had just introduced to me) and was coaxed by her to crawl into a new world of blogging. As it takes a village to raise a child, it took a blogging group to introduce me to a vast and incredible world out there, beyond the scope of my own crib/backyard. You know who you are because you've found your way into my sidebar heart. PG has become my In Soul godmother, teaching me photographic and HTML tricks for better learning how to walk and talk. Almost any template change you ever see is because of her. (Thank you, PG!)

The Wolf spirit of In Soul remains the symbol of my growth, my intent and misson, as when I first took breath. The Wolf, as Teacher and Guide to the Sacred, gives me a growing sense of Self and the desire to communicate well, finding "new solutions to problems while providing stability and support that one normally associates with a family structure." I had been without a family for so long (when I first came out in 1990, after 21 years of marriage). But the lone Wolf I had become eventually howled its way back to the Pack. She was my salvation!

Full circle. As in the beginning, so now. I am In Soul; In Soul is Me.

Please raise your glass with me to this next year of Soulful living! Of being all I/we can be. Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. I saw you on Christina's page and thought I'd drop in. Welcome to the pack and Happy Birthday!

  2. Hallo, liebe Ginnie.
    Heute will Ich auf Deutsch screiben.
    Ich bin besser in Deutsch als in Englishe Sprache :_( .
    Ich wünsche euch (dir und deinen blog) ein sehr schönes, frohes und wunderwares Geburstag.
    Ich sende euch eine lange Menge von Katalanische Küsse ;-)
    Aufwiederblogen !! ;-DD
    Tschüss !
    Ich habe deinen Kommentar in "Nobody" nicht sehr gut verstanden. Ich glaube daB so wie ein Witz war... aber Ich verstehe es nicht.

  3. Thank you for your welcome to the Pack, CS, and for your birthday wishes. That means a lot. Since I see you all the time elsewhere, I'm adding a link to you on my site. That way I don't have to be so dependent on everyone else :)

    And you, too, JM. German is fine as long as I can write back in English! I love Barcelona so you can send me as many kisses as you want :) I'll explain my "Nobody" comment better on your post.

  4. Happy First Birthday, Ginnie! You make the internet just a little bit brighter for all of us. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday, Ginnie! I like blogging, too. I am glad I found it. I have a lot of catching up to do reading your blog....Bis spater.

  6. Happy Birthday . . . and many more!

  7. Happy Birthday Ginnie! Mine will be in about 2 weeks. :) I love wolves and the big photo makes me happy inside. I'm happy you have learned so much about blogging in just one short year.

  8. Christina: Awwww. That's so sweet of you.

    James: I'm glad I found you. I have a feeling we have a lot in common :)

    Amy: I love you (Daughter Dearest)! You've been behind me all the way.

    Expat Traveler: We've come a long way, haven't we! Some pictures I have seen of wolves are the most Soulful I've ever seen. Or is that true because they're my Spirit Guide! Others feel that way about cats or dogs, I know. (Where's MP when we need her!)

  9. Little did I know that when I began MY blogger site, it was your anniversary! Wonders never cease, and that's the truth. Thank you for YOUR help with MY blog. And yes, I'll need more . . . :)

  10. Have a happy birthday, Ginnie! More grace ever for this new year!

  11. Happy birthday my blogging friend! And many, many more!

    BTW, could not agree with you more about PG!

  12. Ruth: You'll do more in one year than I ever could imagine. You go, Girl!

    Mei: Grace is such a good word. Thank you for it.

    Mr. Fab: The Tiger and the Wolf, I see :) Yes, we do agree about PG. I'd hate to think of where my blog would be without her!

    Thank you all for your Happy Birthday comments. I feel truly celebrated :)

  13. Am I late? Oh, yes I am! Where was I? Oh, yes! Yesterday was Election Day in Canada(no comment)!... but it's no excuse. I did pics, pics, pics,... but it's no good reason. I missed your birthday but I thought of you yesterday. I just adopted a pig on and I saw that they have add a new pet to adopt, it's a wolf. He's sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute! And when you click on the moon, he howls. Awouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Perfect for you!
    So Happy Belated Birthday Ginnie/In Soul! :O))))))))))))

  14. A belated Happy Birthday from your Kiwi fan.

  15. Oh My!!!I missed that. Was working and not voting all day. Snif ! Even slept a bit... Argh! A very Happy (belated) Birthday... And more more years of Happy Blogging. You are in a big family now my friend!!!

  16. Clo, Dreamwalker and MP: Late, never! You just extended the celebration.

    Clo: The adopt-a-wolf link is adorable! Oh how fun. I tried to add it but it's too big and I don't know enough about the code to make it half that size. Do you?? Thanks for thinking of me in that way.

    Dreamwalker: Do I know who you are??? Do you have a link to yourself??? Regardless, thanks for the celebration wishes!

    MP: So you didn't vote?! Snif is right. Oh well. You remembered my birthday and that means more to me :) Yes, thanks to bloggers like you, I belong to quite a nice Pack!

    Thank you all.

  17. Don't ask me about The Code! My blog will have one month tomorrow, so I'm really a novice. I'll ask to MP, but maybe PG should know.