Wednesday, January 25, 2006


: the quality or state of being incongruous = : lacking congruity: as a : not harmonious : INCOMPATIBLE <incongruous colors> b : not conforming : DISAGREEING <incongruous with principle> c : inconsistent within itself <an incongruous story> d : lacking propriety : UNSUITABLE <incongruous manners>.

Across our street here in Hannover, this exact same set of swimsuits has hung outside the shop window every business day since last summer. Including today at 28 °F / -2 °C with light snow falling! At the Sonderpreis (special price) of €79 each ($97) , no wonder they still sit there. I would never pay $100 for a swimsuit in the summertime, let alone wintertime! (I know, never say never, but it's pretty safe to say in this case!)

Now walk a little further down the street and turn the corner to find this bin sitting outside the shop window. Stark reduziert (greatly reduced) caps and scarves and gloves. Now that's more like it!

I'll let you decide what kind of incongruous this is but I found these two sidewalk offerings quite interesting enough, obviously, to make a post about them!


  1. Someone needs to have a chat with that store owner about marketing and merchandising, I should say.

    Methinks he will not be in business for very much longer.

  2. HA. Well, it sure has had me scratching my head many a day, Mr. Fab.

    Btw, I have just added your link to my sidebar. Why did it take me so long?! (Don't answer that!)

  3. You know what's weird, Ginnie? I added you to mine less than an hour ago.

    Psychic connection?

    (cue spooky music)

  4. At any time of year, seeing a swimsuit display is an incongruity! I hate to buy swimsuit... :O)

  5. I'd say the swimsuits not selling has little to do with the season and much to do with how UNATTRACTIVE they are!


  6. I'm with you Ruth. I have looked at those things for nearly a year now and I just shake my head and keep walking!

  7. wow. Now if that $100 swimsuit will just make me look slimmer :).

  8. Clo: For some reason, that sounds like you :)

    Ruth and Donica: I certainly can't see either of you in one of them but most of them happen to be my colors and I need a swimsuit. So you wouldn't want me to buy one, I take it :) OK, I promise that I won't!

    Margaret: So if it makes you look slimmer, you'd be willing to pay $100, I take it :) Btw, good to see you're back!

  9. I remember the best deal I ever got was when a boat place was discontinuing their swim suits. I was 12 years old and my mom took me to get as many as I wanted, all $5 ea and new and beautiful! I ended up finding 23 swim suits! But before you drop your jaw, I swam 2 times a day with 2 suits, so 4 suits a day could be used. For the $130 ish dollars my mom spent it was well worth the money. I think it lasted me almost 2.5 years of swimming!

  10. Expat: I did drop my jaw and then started laughing out loud. WOW! That's a lot of suits. That's a lot of swimming! You really did get a good deal. If these here go on sale for €5 ea in the next 5 years, I'll let you know :)

  11. I'm just considering how many people over the course of a year (or longer? who knows how long those suits have been there?) have passed by that window and wondered exactly the same things you've been wondering.

    There seem to be so many little shops here that never change their window displays regardless of the season.

    And €79 is quite the hefty sum! I'd expect a miracle if I was paying that much. IF I buy a swimsuit, it's usually one from a catalogue for €29.99.

  12. What makes this even weirder, Christina, is that these suits sit OUTSIDE on the sidewalk! But I'm with you on the €29.99 price tag. Much, much more my style (or I should say $29.99).