Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vestiges of Christmas?

Yes, I'm now here in Hannover after a safe-n-sound trip and no hitches. Good journeying mercies. (Again and again!)

Donica's mom (who lived in Germany years ago) had told us we wouldn't see anything left of Christmas when we got back to Germany. She was right! I didn't see a stitch of anything that would remind me that not very many days ago the Christmas Market was here.

But in the Paris airport this morning, I just had to take a picture of these 3 very sad-looking trees. At first I thought, "Are you kidding me! That's how they decorate Christmas trees in Paris??" My next thought was, "I think someone looted them!" And finally, I decided they've been readied for the scrap heap (today?) and that's what's left of them.

Well, shut my mouth because our 2 (artificial) trees are still up at home in Atlanta, waiting now for our return at the end of the month. Guess that tells you I'm not superstitious! The way I figure it, if I'm gonna spend that much time decorating them, they may as well stay up for a good two months. (They're so soulful!) As long as they're down by Valentine's Day, who cares!