Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wouldn't You Wooden Shoes

I spent most of yesterday working on photos from our Michigan vacation after Christmas, wanting to get an album out to the family (before next Christmas!).

When I came across this one, I said, "Aha! That'll be a nice story for my blog."

Of the 8 Sibs (remember, I'm #3), there are 3 who live in Holland, MI, on the west side of the state on Lake Michigan (east side of the lake--are you confused?). As you've guessed, it's named Holland because it's a Dutch community. In fact, the in-laws of one brother are Dutch. Nate, of Spera In Deo, my nephew and a pastor, is one of their 4 children and takes great pride in being part-Dutch.

So one day during vacation, Donica and I drove to Holland from the cottage, 1.25 hours away. Another brother's son and his partner (Dave and David!) from Sydney, Australia, were home for the holidays and were celebrating their 4th anniversary together. Donica and I were honored to share the occasion at a nearby restaurant.

Which is where these wooden shoes come in! (And you thought I'd never get there!) Someone sure was clever to think of using them as crayon holders for the kids. (Of course, the waitresses thought I was crazy taking pictures of them, but who of us care, right?)

Wooden shoe Wouldn't you just love to come up with something creative like that! Or if you already have, please tell!


  1. I love that pic! It's funny I thought it was an illustration. I love the way kids have colored the shoes, it remind me of what my daughter did in restaurants.

  2. I loved that, too, Clo--that it was the shoes being colored!

    Btw, I have just added your blog as a link on my site. I like it that you and MP are sisters. How cool!

  3. Thanks for the link on your blog. I'm not sure I know how to put links on mine. There are many blogs I like very much, including yours, and I'll have to try today. And I will also put an old pic of MP and me, when we were little girls...

  4. Oh, Clo. How fun. Just don't tell MP! :)

  5. Ok, I finally put that pic of my sis and me, with two others that my dad took at Old Orchard. I just love those pics!

  6. Hi Ginnie.
    I love this kind of photos. Thanks for share it.
    By x now
    pd.: thanks x your visit ;-)

  7. This is a super photo! Great colours (and the kids' crayon-colouring on the shoes) and really well composed. The balance is just right!

  8. As always, PG, you're so affirming! Thank you.