Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Her Skin Died but Not Her Spirit

Coretta Scott King

April 27, 1927 - January 30, 2006

John Bazemore / AP

Last Saturday she lay in state at our Georgia's state Capitol here in Atlanta, the first-ever woman and the first-ever African American to do so.

Yesterday we laid her to rest here in Atlanta after a 6-hour service. Four U.S. Presidents were among those who gave their eulogies.

From President Bush:
"Americans knew her husband only as a young man. We knew Mrs. King in all the seasons of her life. And there was beauty and dignity in every season." He added, "By going forward with a strong and forgiving heart, Coretta Scott King not only secured her husband's legacy, she built her own. Having loved a leader, she became a leader."

From President Clinton: "I don't want us to forget that there's a woman in there," Mr. Clinton said, pointing to Mrs. King's coffin. "Not a symbol, a real woman who lived and breathed and got angry and got hurt and had dreams and disappointments."

Pink was her favorite color.

Amy told me this morning that completely and totally out of the blue last night, Nicholas (age 5-1/2) started crying and told her he didn't want her to die. He then added that he didn't want anyone in his family to die. As Amy tried to console him, she asked him if he'd been talking to someone (like at school?) about this? He said, "No. This is just something I know and I'm telling you that I know."

Then he added the kicker, "The skin dies, but the spirit never dies!"

I'm guessing the TV was on the service at his daycare after school. I'm guessing they talked about death and dying. I'm guessing all the kids went home to their parents and said "I don't want you to die!"

This is Black History Month when we always get our Sweet Honey In the Rock fix. Coretta Scott King always attended whenever she could, year after year, so we not only got our music fix, we got our history-before-our-eyes fix.

This year,
on February 18, we will miss your skin, dear Lady, but all eyes will watch as your Spirit finds your seat.


  1. Thanks, Amy and Mr. Fab. What a great woman; what a great legacy!

  2. Oh my. Such things from the mouth of that child. Thank you for this touching post.

  3. I'm sure there are many more of those wonderful women out there. Unfortunaltely, they often remain unknown to the world. And you... very soulful lady, are one of those very few that can always make people feel comforted. No matter what I read on your blog, something happens. I guess you're one of "them" too.

  4. Ruth: when Amy tells me these things in our daily chats, I melt before the Universe!

    And oh, CS, I melt before you in tears. Your words so deeply touch me....