Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's About Time!

Last Friday my friend, Peggy, and I met for our monthly lunch at Never Enough Thyme, a new little strip-mall restaurant for both of us. Ironically, even though we were there 10 minutes after they were supposed to be open, and were clearly visible to the workers inside, no one acknowledged our presence or even explained why they weren't opening their doors yet. So we took leave and found another place much more accommodating.

That started me thinking about Time. We chose that restaurant because we both loved the play on words. Anyone in advertising who is clever enough to come up with these delightful names is worth every penny they make, I'm sure. "It's About Time," for instance, is a watch store. I love it, the play on words.

We usually start with "Once upon a time" and expect to hear some delightful story of something that happened way back when.

But if time stood still, what would happen to the story and where would it be in the scheme of things? If time has come, does that mean it stopped standing still and progressed forward, so now we can continue the story, thank you very much!

Time will tell
, they say. And does that happen every time, I wonder. Or only when it's time. Or maybe in its own time. It usually feels like it's not fast enough and then suddenly, in the nick of time, it's in time or on time after all, making believers out of us. Just in time.

Somewhere in time
is where? Or when? Have you ever wondered? If time is eternal, does it really have a beginning or an end. In the beginning of time and at the end of time become a giant loop, I guess, and you never know if you're coming or going. Right?

Or maybe it's just that the timing is off. Maybe I didn't have time. Or if I had more time I could have figured it all out. The last time wasn't like that at all. Hopefully this time will work out better and certainly by the next time, it'll be a cinch. It really doesn't matter what IT is because time will tell.

One would hope we'll have plenty of time for these shenanigans in case time runs out. Don't you just hate it when someone important says "Time's up!" Why don't they say it's down, because that's exactly what you're feeling at that particular moment in time.

"Time out," you say? Why? Do you think you can step out of time as though it doesn't exist any more? And if you could, where would you be? And would looking at your timepiece help you out? HELLO! Where are you?! (There's never enough time for this kinda stuff, is there.)

Btw, what time is it anyway! I have a sneaking suspicion it's time to go. Unless, that is, you have the time of day to pound this one a bit more into the ground. If so, please add your timely two-cents' worth in a comment and I'm sure we'll all be much obliged!

[Time out: in order of appearance (but not in chronological time as far as our trips are concerned from last year), the above timepieces, ziggaging from the top left down, are from Prague, Prague, Hannover, Hamburg, Lübeck, Celle and Prague.]

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  1. "It's About Time" is the name of a gay bar in Tucson, Arizona--where I lived for six years. I miss the desert. My partner and I are thinking about moving to Phoenix. Housing is so much more affordable there than where we lived before in San Francisco. We won't be leaving Germany for at least another year or two...By the way, did you know that Delta Airlines is starting a new flight from Atlanta non-stop to Duesseldorf? It starts April 3rd and the flights are SOOO CHEAP right now! We checked and the fare WITH TAXES and all other fees is only $409 Euros ROUNDTRIP. The tickets have to be purchased by Feb. 24th-I think...only 3 days away so check Delta.com soon to be sure...You dont wanna miss those fares! Bis spater...

  2. Ginnie, your creativeness never ceases to amaze me but it is an exceedingly good use of time; it inspires your readers. Thanks.

  3. Wow, that post went by quickly. Time flies when you're having fun :)

  4. Time goes by ... but there's still enough time for a daily visit of your most interesting blog. Great time machines in your images ;-)

  5. You guys--all 4 of you!!!! That makes me laugh (where did all the women go, long time passing!).

    James: That's a great rate to Germany but usually I use Donica's FF miles, which beats just about everything. But it's the thought that counts!

    Tim: You're a sweetheart! Thanks.

    Mr. Fab: You too!

    KPK: And you too!

    I'm gonna add these news ones to my front page!

  6. UGH! I just found out that this post was not showing up correctly in Internet Explorer. So sorry about that. I have partially fixed it. It's "perfect" in Firefox, which is what I use. Technology. Can't live with it, can't live without it!

  7. Oh boy! Lovely post and so creative. The juices aren't exactly flowing that well for me, but they sure are for you. :)

    I loved all the clocks by the way. Wishing I could have sent oyu one more to add. hehe..

    And James had a good hint. Geeze I'd love to find a discount from Vancouver for flying! It costs more to get to California right now than for you to Dussledorf!

  8. Oh my goodness, this post was almost too much to get my tiny brain around. I loved it and I LOVE the name of the restaurant you went to. My mother goes to a garden supply store called "The Avant Gardener" :-)

  9. Correction: OK, after reading your post a second time I'll say I love the name of the restaurant you DIDN'T go to. Shame on them for ignoring you!

  10. Expat: It was so fun thinking up all these Time phrases, except for when it kept me awake at night. For some reason, I kinda got on a roll with it :)

    Christina: Yes, shane on that restaurant but maybe I wouldn't have been creative if they had been open?! We'll never know.

  11. I love your post and the pictures. I have a 'thing' about Time at the moment as there just never seems to be enough of it - I feel as if I'm caught in a time warp from which whole hours often mysteriously disappear whenever I'm working on something.

  12. Thanks, DW. I know exactly what you mean. I'm guessing we all do!

  13. It's amazing how many cultural references we have to time! And our friend Tolle has some things to say about it, eh? :)

  14. Yes, Ruth. Am learning a lot from him!