Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bloggers Unite: the Whole Enchilada

You really don't get much better than this when it comes to meeting up with fellow bloggers!

Everything happened without a hitch. Everything. Kim's train from Magdeburg arrived on time and I was on the platform waiting for her. And would you believe, I was standing at exactly the place where her particular "wagon" stopped, and when the door opened, there we both were. Instant recognition! Instant, spontaneous hugs!

And you thought I was a talker! Oh my. Kim didn't waste a breath, answering all my myriad questions about how B, her husband, had the accident that made him a quadriplegic and how she cares for him, etc. What an incredible story; what an incredible caregiver throughout 8 years of marriage!

Once we arrived in Ronnenberg after 25 minutes on the bus, there was Christina waiting for us! Waiting to take us on a mini-tour of her charming burb away from the big city. The rain that had fallen lightly earlier in the morning was gone, so we were able to stop at every little thing that caught our eye: the spring flowers everywhere, tended so lovingly in the yards we passed; the two churches, one Lutheran and one Catholic; the school where Boy10 attends; the sports bar; this, that and the other. Charming, charming.

Then, of course, Christina gave the mini-tour of her house and yard, after which we were bearers of gifts to each other, the least of which were KINDER EGGS! Are we little kids or what!

Then lunch! I don't have to tell you that Ms. Christina is a cook to be reckoned with. You already know that. So what did she serve us? Curried chicken crepes (with mango chutney and sour cream) and salad. That's what! Oh, and don't forget the latte macchiato! She knew I am a latte macchiato addict but did NOT know I LOVE curry! So she was definitely Queen for the day!

And while we ate, bless their hearts, both boys came home from school and were such gentlemen in coming in to see us and shake hands. Two adorable, well-behaved, mannerly boys who just stole my heart away. You know kids like that don't just "happen!" There's been obvious careful, gentle tending along the way!

After lunch we yakkity-yakked about Natal Charts (which I had already worked up for them), getting to know what makes us tick and why we do the things we do and are the way we are. Then we had to head back to the bus for Kim's trainride back to Magdeburg.

Can you get any better smiles from 3 women who just "clicked" in so delightful a rendezvous?!


Switch gears long enough for me to say I'm now gonna pack for my e-a-r-l-y flight (6:50a) back to Atlanta tomorrow morning. By the time I go through Paris and D.C., it'll be 11p Hannover time (5p Atlanta time) before I arrive, with another 2 hours before I get home. A long day but always totally worth it.

So I'll talk to you next from Atlanta!


  1. What is talker Kim's sign, then?

    Have safe trip to Atlanta!

  2. Oh wow - such a good way to end your stay... That must have been so much fun!!! Oh man.... I loved the pics. Oh oh... P opened a kinder egg last night while I was in the other room. He ate the chocolate and made up the toy, and well I heard him ruffling so I knew, but still it was just so cute...

  3. It was a great day! Ginnie, just thrilled me no end to meet you and Christina!

    Have a safe trip home!

  4. You guys had a fantastic time together. You gals looked so happy to have met (again for some). It's a pity that time goes by so quickly, isn't it?

    Have a good trip back home!

  5. Awww, Ginnie, I had such a wonderful time today. I'm so glad we could get together again and having Dixie there made it even better.

    Have a safe trip home!

  6. Lovely pics of the three of you. I'm glad you all had such a great time :) Have a safe flight back to Atlanta!

  7. Hey, that sounded like a neat time together. Have a safe flight.

  8. Bettina: HA! She's a Capricorn and now that you say it, I'll have to look to see where that "Gemini communication" comes from. Thanks for your traveling good wishes. One of these days I'm gonna post about our great sushi evening out here in Hannover. Another blogger rendezvous--a blogger from my own apartment building!

    ET: Yes, so much fun! Especially with the Kinder eggs, one of which was a fortwo Smart car just like mine. And Dixie gave it to me (as a duplicate). I'm saving it for you in case you never get one by the time I see you :)

    Dixie: Likewise!

    CS: Great, fantastic time, yes!

    Christina: Yes, yes, yes!!!

    DWL Now if only we can get to NZ one of these days :)

    Tim: A neat time, indeed.

    And thanks to all for your safe-trip wishes! That always means a lot to me. It's just a bit past 4a on Thursday and in 10 minutes I'll be out the door.... Ciao for now.

  9. Wow! You three looks so great on those pics, and so totally happy too!

  10. You are Kinder Egg addicted, aren't you? ;-)

  11. Hi Ginnie, what a great story! I read Kim's Blog the other day by following a link from your site, and now i'm able to read how you met up and shared experiences. I'm pleased for you all. Showing the true spirit of Blogging!
    Best wishes Neil

  12. I think it's great you have "German" friends who aren't really German!

    There were several exchange students at RHS this past month from Germany, one of whom Katy is now keeping in touch with across the ocean...

    The world certainly is much smaller than when I was 17!

    Glad you're coming home, Boots! :) Now come down to Sarasota with that hybrid of yours sometime--

  13. Hi, GINNIE.
    Nice to meet you. My name is Nori. I live in Japan. (I’m lady.)

    I followed a link from “Mausi” blog. And, I added your blog to my favorite list. I look forward to reading your blog from now.
    May I occasionally comment to your blog ?
    (But you know I am poor in English. I’m sorry for wrong expression.)


  14. Ah Ginnie, you are so kind! I'm really giving up on them actually making smarts here. So far we have six, all just funny toys. One more to open now...

  15. Fantastic pics, especially of the 3 of you smiling at the camera-- perfection. I was smiling and tearing up at the same time.

    Welcome home to the US, I'm sure we'll be chatting soon, now on the phone!! Yay!

  16. Imagine the day when we all can meet face to face! Who would be the referee?????

  17. YAY! I'm home and more tired than a dog! But at 7:30p Atlanta time, I can hardly go to bed yet, right?

    Clo: We really were happy, weren't we :)

    KPK: Yes, and I'm clearly the worst of the 3! (And not one whit ashamed of it :)

    Neil: Believe it or not, I have 2 more bloggers already lined up for a rendezvous this year, at least tentatively: James in Dusseldorf and Expat in Vancouver. I guess that's not a secret now!

    Mrs. M/Shari: German AND non-German friends in Germany! About half and half, maybe. Hmmm. I'll have to count them some time. I think it's such a great experience for kids when they have exchange students at school and when they can actually BE an exchange student in another country. How fun for Katy.

    Hmm. If there's ever a time when we can breathe between our Germany trips, maybe we'll just have to take you up on visiting you in Sarasota!

    Nori: "Do bears poop in the woods?!" is what we say whenever someone asks a "stupid" question like "May I occassionally comment on your blog?" HA. That's like music in every blogger's ears :) YES, OF COURSE. I am touched by your kind words and thank you for coming by and commenting. Now I'll have to check YOU out! And say Thank You to Ms. Christina/Mausi for being the link to us!

    ET: So if you still don't have a Smart by October, I'll hand-deliver it to you :)

    Ruth: I think we were smiling so happily because of that magic timer button that took the picture. Don't get to use it that often but when I do, it's such a happy invention :) I look forward to talking to you soon.

    TO: Since I think you have probably lived in the most different countries, I'd suggest it be YOU!

    Mr. Fab: Awww, shucks!

  18. Seems a very fun party! I hope you'll come partying with us too some day!

  19. Yes, Rachel. And so fun to meet new people I've met online. Virtual becomes real!

    Mei: I look forward to the day when you, Clo and MP are REAL! :)

  20. what a great story! iìm glad you had so much fun :)