Friday, July 28, 2006

The Itty-Bitty Light

The one under DSL, that is!

You don't even want to know! But after 3 1/2 weeks on dial-up, we are now back on DSL, myriads of calls, questions and answers later. The final straw was yesterday when our new modem (above) was finally delivered...but to the wrong address! It was shipped to the computer company where I last worked 4 years ago (and where, as I recall, our first modem was shipped 8 years ago!). I was fit to be tied, because it's 21 miles away and would mean a totally unnecessary trip, right?!

Wrong! In going back to my old company and catching up with a handful of friends before leaving, I found out that one of my dearest friends there for 15 years (who worked with me in accounts receivable) had just passed away last week of lung cancer. She was a heavy smoker (who had tried to quit so many times, bless her!) and was getting ready to turn 66 next month.

So that itty-bitty light will now be Martha's Light, every time I see it. Today it's one BIG LIGHT, for more reasons than one!


  1. Yippee and hurray! Life should be much smoother for you now :) I love the "Martha's Light' idea!

  2. Very sad news about your friend. :(

  3. T1: Yes, life IS smoother right now with DSL (even if now I can't work on my Sudoku as much). I was so glad when I connected the Martha Light. Maybe SHE did that for me!

    Lisa: Yes, it was sad news--so unexpected. As I left crying, another friend said, "Ginnie, she's in a better place." Yes, she is.

  4. So often that happens, a nuisance turns into an important connection.

  5. such a great small story. It is odd with things like that. Would you know a friend from my company that I left just before Switzerland came up to Vancouver last year... It was a lot of catching up...

    Oh look at the thurs post (one ago) something special for you!


    and guess who I ate dinner with last night. :)

  6. Glad you have the convenience back of SPEED! :)

    It's apparently so tough for smokers to break the habit--my dad began smoking in the Navy during Korea, and can't shake it still at 73. He has tried to quit so many times--and I know it's killing him. You can't be with him for any length of time without realizing how unhealthy he is!

    Someday there'll be a "Gil Light" to be's sad.

  7. Ruth: Isn't that the truth! If only we could always remember that.

    ET: I just looked at the wolf sculpture on Grouse Mountain and LOVE it. Thank you. You know me well. I'm guessing you ate dinner with Christina and if so, now you know what a great treat she is!

    Mrs. M/Shari: So sad. I hate to think that there will need to be a "Gil Light" but sometimes that's the only way to get us through the sorrow. He's already outlived Martha by many years. I think that there must be some who also have a gene that adds to the mix. Think about Dad (your g'pa) who died of lung cancer but was NOT a smoker. The hospice nurse said he obviously had the gene!

  8. Good for you to be online with speed again.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

  9. Thanks, KPK, for your condolences.

  10. I'm sorry for your loss Ginnie. May your friend's new light shine on!

  11. I, too, hope that Martha's lite will shine eternally, for all the reasons.

  12. Thanks, Mad. That is so sweet. I'm sure she heard that!