Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Kind of Art

That's Tuesdays Photos theme this week: Kind of Art. So follow this train of thought and tell me what is the "real" art!

First of all, Donica gave a set of new Crayola twister pencil-crayons to Nicholas that was a big hit at the cottage last week. Peter, Nicholas' first cousin once removed (my nephew, Ruth's son--are you following?) went to town and colored C-3PO in Nicholas' Star Wars coloring book. Let me tell you: I have seen coloring and I have seen coloring. But this is coloring taken to a new level which I had never seen. Unbelievable (click to enlarge).

Notice that while Peter did his thing (his "kind of art"), he had an audience. Nicholas is not missing a thing, believe me. I have often said that I learn by observing. Bingo Nicholas!

Now see Nicholas follow suit under Peter's watchful eye.

The next thing you know, Nicholas is on his own, supposedly having learned from the pro. What's so ironic about this is that Nicholas was already known in his Kindergarten class last year as the benchmark colorer. His teacher told Amy that the kids would often say they wanted to color like Nicholas. Now what will they say?

This reminds me of the old Chinese proverb: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Which is the greater art: knowing how to color or teaching your first-cousins-once-removed how to color?!


  1. This is beautiful; but as for which is greater, both are needful. To teach one needs to know. To know fully one needs to teach.

  2. It would be such a loss not to share knowledge and experience, because I think one also leans within the process of teaching. Beautiful post, Ginnie :)

  3. And the coloring is very nice. Arts are not very much valued in our technological society. I find this is great that Peter shares his knowledge and has a pupil so interested in it!

  4. Tim: There is almost a responsibility to pass on knowledge, isn't there, whatever form of teaching it takes. But you are so right that "knowing" or learning well comes first. Maybe we never know for sure when the one leaves off and the other begins?!

    CS: I totally agree that teaching itself is a learning experience. Well said!

    Mei: Peter is so great with the younger-generation kids. I definitely ponder in my heart the role he is having in Nicholas' life.

  5. In all your cottage photos you really captured how Nicholas and Peter hung out together. It was very sweet. I love Nicholas' circumspection, and of course I love Peter's beautiful character too.

  6. Ruth, that little Cancer boy already knows how to assess the lay of the land before digging in! I love how he has latched on to Peter. Good choice :)

  7. Absolutely endearing and a great post for the topic.

  8. To teach some kid how to draw or use colours is the nicest gift you can give... and receive! It's such a nice thing to see how they evolve! Cool post!

  9. A wonderful bond there. I'm sure they will both be the richer for the learning/teaching experience :) Nicholas will definitely be the star colourer in his class now!!

  10. Mad: Thanks :)

    MP: Of all people, you should know!

    DW: Yes, a great bond between those two! The star just got brighter. Now he has a chance to pass it on.

  11. How nice to see such quality, relaxed family time.

    Peter's work has the hallmark of a professional artist - beautiful!

    As a daycare provider and partially trained artist I enjoy spending time coloring with the kids. Invariably we learn from each other.

    I have never really understood why some people are competitive in art. In my experience, creativity breeds creativity and the sharing of ideas, concepts and processes enriches everyone involved.

    Thanks for sharing your precious family pics!

  12. Jozee, that means much coming from you, as an artist and a daycare provider. Well spoken!