Monday, July 17, 2006

The Pool Party

Nicholas is darn-tootin' lucky to have a g'pa (my Ex) who happens to have a swimming pool at his house because that's where Amy decided to have the S-I-X birthday party this year. What a great idea for the kids and adults alike!

In the hour or so before the kids arrived, Nicholas showed G'ma (moi) all his tricks. "This is how scuba divers get into the water," he said. I almost missed it. He then proceeded to show me how he could swim (see photo album).

In anticipation of the 3 boys soon to arrive, G'pa let Nicholas open one of his gifts early so that he could scare everyone once they got into the pool. This was one cool shark, swimming underwater the full length of the pool, scaring all of us at one point or the other. What a hit, G'pa!

Two of the boys arrived "on time" but the 3rd arrived so late that it was only after presents and the cake that I was able to get them all in one shot together without posing. Back side!

There was actually a moment of thunder and lightening with just a couple minutes of sprinkles, but guess what: that was when lunch was done and while presents were being opened. Talk about timing!

Then it was front side for the cake, with Abdul, Nicholas, Carson and Joshua. What an ecclectic mix: Cameroon, damn-Yankee stock, Alabama deep-south, and Korean (we think).

It doesn't get much better than a Star Wars "Yoda" chocolate cake! You done good, Mommy!

Don't you just love a good excuse to be a kid! I tell you what, having a g'son really keeps you young at heart. I don't think that's necessarily true about having your own kids, which is pretty weird (though I must say that my Amy and Mark were/are great kids :). It's just different and that's why we love saying that if we had known it would be this fun, we would have had g'kids first.

Tell it like it is :)


Donica, btw, missed the fun because she was in the hospital in Hannover for 3 days last week with "something" stomach-related that they never figured out. She had planned to fly home on Friday for the party and then back to Switzerland on Monday (her birthday, tomorrow). I think the Universe was saying "You're crazy! That's too damn much!" We all missed her, of course, but I'm very glad now that she'll fly to Zurich from Hannover instead of from Atlanta. Traveling mercies, my Love! And Happy Birthday today, your time already (the 17th!).

Ah yes. My two Cancer lovelies!


  1. Very cool birthday Nicholas - I really like your Yoda cake. May the force be with you and happy, happy birthday.

  2. Hehehe. Not an easy thing to have g'kids first ;-) That shot of Nicholas dropping backwards in the pool is fantastic! But then again, all your picts are great. Looks like y'all had such a great time. And any excuse to be a kid is good enough for me. I think I never really grew up anyway :)

    And today's the 17th; Happy Happy Birthday, Donica!!

  3. happy birthday donica! I sure hope you are feeling better. I ended up with severe food poisoning the night before we left. I was up until 2am and I'll spare you the details!

  4. Garland: Welcome! And yes, may The Force definitely be with him :)

    CS: I bet you make a great kid, too! I love that--never growing old. That's how it should be.

    ET: Well, she's not better, actually. I'm in a "wait and see" pattern right now but I have a ticket to fly out of Atlanta tonight in case they don't let her come home. Her pain has flared up again so she's back in the Hannover hospital. I'll keep you posted as the day moves on.