Wednesday, July 19, 2006

That's One Smart Car!

This week's Tuesdays Photos theme is CARS. It was an immediate no-brainer for me as I remembered this shot from when I was in Duesseldorf, Germany, visiting James on June 15th.

Did you see the Smart car in The Da Vinci Code? I notice there's one in Woody Allen's new movie, Scoop, coming out at the end of July. It's really getting the press, isn't it!

It is definitely one smart car! (KPK already knows this, since he owns one, as well as all us Kinder Egg fans :)


UPDATE ON DONICA: She's back here in Atlanta safe-n-sound as of late this afternoon. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes to get her over the ocean! First thing tomorrow morning I go with her to get more lab work done before seeing her doctor at 9a. Let's hope we can put this baby to bed soon!


  1. Love the shot. I rarely see someone take the opportunity to park it sideways. If I had one I'd only park it sideways just for the kick.

    Glad to hear Donica is back safe. You, she, and the doctors who work with her are all in my prayers.

  2. Great shot. A couple of years ago, I was often in Berlin. It was not rare that I saw these smarts being parked sideways. I guess they are very handy in huge cities

  3. Lisa: I agree. I would do it just because I could! It sure got MY attention.

    Thanks for your prayers for Donica!

    Gustav: Very handy in the huge European cities, to be sure. Not sure I'd want to drive them on the autobahn, however :(

  4. Haha, exactly a "copy" of one of my Kinder Egg smarts ;-)

    @ Gustav: Yes, in Berlin there is really a very big number of smaerts to see!

    @ Ginnie: no problem on the "Autobahn"! The normal smart goes up to 135 km/h what's mostly fast enough. The Brabus smart goes 150 km/h and with a chip tuned smart you can reach 180 km/h. With a bit broader tyres than normal the car isn't as wind sensitive as with the normal quite small tyres. Crash tests have demonstrated that this tiny car is very secure, especially compared with much bigger cars.

    I love the technical details (especially the sequential gear shift what otherwise is only built in much more expensive and bigger cars. Of couse I also like the air condition that is built in standard in all smarts :-)

  5. I'm glad that Donica is safely home.
    I just love that car, we don't have many over here...not that I have seen at any rate.

  6. The Smart Car is very popular here in Switzerland, too. I often see it parked sideways. In public parking garages, you'll also find parking spots made for Smarts and other very short cars (i.e. the Original Austin Mini)

  7. Lovely photo. I think the novetly wore off more after 2002 for me when I first saw them in Switzerland.

    Here's to hoping things go well today.

  8. KPK: If anybody would know, it'd be you! Thanks for your confidence for the autobahn :) I'll keep that in mind.

    DW: Hmm. New Zealand doesn't have that fad yet, huh! Maybe it'll come in time. Yes, I, too, am glad Donica is home.

    CS: Wow. I'm getting my education (yet again!).

    ET: Thanks for your wishes about today. We were gone from 7a - 4p (sometimes on errands in-between doctors). A surgeon specialist this afternoon thinks it's a strained groin muscle (like from all her heavy suitcase lifting!!). She has one more test tomorrow (for kidney stones) before we stick with that diagnosis.

  9. Best wishes for you and Donica. Jz