Monday, December 11, 2006

The Strome Hetch

Some of you will remember this ginormous pyramid carousel from last year when we were at Hannover's Christmas market. We had hoped to see it again, now, but last year's photos and memories will have to do. It's the photo I plan to use on my photoblog tomorrow.

Knowing that Donica's surgery is this week, after which she'll be a bit out of commission for a few days, we've been talking about what we need to get done before Thursday!

The good news is that the Christmas cards are mailed and the 2 trees are trimmed. Even all the gifts are purchased. What remains is the wrapping! So, today through Wednesday is gift-wrapping, together and/or separately.

I plan to write more after pre-op on Wednesday and definitely again after the surgery. But for right now, we're in the home stretch "strome hetch" before our Christmas celebration with each other and the kids.

I sure hope you love this time of year as much as we do. Kids at heart!


  1. I love that photo! Can you believe I haven't really been through the Christmas market in Basel, yet? Shame on me ;)

    I suppose that I'll be doing a lot of gift-wrapping in Canada. I love wrapping gifts, making my own bows and decorating the parcels with whatever I get my hands on! I'm getting all excited! :D

  2. PS: I'll be thinking of Donica on Thursday. I'm sure all will go well :)

  3. Quite a pyramid carousel! Sounds like you are keeping quite on time with preparations for Christmas. That can be a challenge sometimes for me. I'll be thinking of Donica and you as her surgery comes up. Prayers and blessings.

  4. I'm glad you both enjoy the holiday season. You're both so generous, and it's nice that you enjoy that. All my love to Donica as she prepares for surgery Thursday. Flames, flames and more flames! :)

  5. CS: No, I can't believe you haven't been to your Christmas market yet this year! :) But if it's the same year after year, I'm guessing it loses some of its punch? And I wonder if you have to drive to get there. We have to take the tram for the 17-minute jaunt to city center from our apartment.

    I'm glad someone else enjoys wrapping gifts. And thanks for your thoughts of Donica. Tomorrow is pre-op and we'll see the hospital setting.

    Tim: It can definitely be a challenge when you have a full-time job, but I have no excuse! Still, sometimes just the thought of bringing up the Christmas trees can be depressing. But when I think about Nicholas seeing them, poof--all the hesitation flies away. :)

    Thanks to you, too, for your thoughts of Donica.

    Ruth: Well, I don't know about me but Donica is more generous than anyone I've ever known! Sometimes I have to tell her to slow down, but to no avail. Her feeling is the reason she makes money is so she can give things to people, which is how she says "I love you!"

  6. That's a beautiful picture. We're all going to the Christmas market in Hannover on Saturday so I'll try to get a couple of photos to tide you over until next year.

    And you've been so busy! I've been slacking off but no one's noticed yet. :-)

    Sending you good vibes for Thursday and beyond...

  7. Ginnie - I feel you for missing the Christmas markets. They just have that "je ne sais quoi"... I think I actually spied one as we were racing through down town to get to the other side of Vancouver. It's a shame we couldn't stop..

    Oh and I think we're going to the Island for a few days, but towards the north..

  8. Christina: PLEASE take some pics for me! Oh, that will make me so happy. And thanks for all your good vibes.

    ET: Maybe you'll make it to the Vancouver market later, before Christmas? If so, I know you'll take some great pics. And I KNOW you'll take pics while on the Island!