Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Lumberjack

It feels like forever since I have posted here on In Soul! Last Wednesday. But then, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, some of which I'll get to later.

But for now, before I backtrack to Windsor Castle or Bath or Hannover or Amsterdam, I just have to focus on our BLB (Big Little Boy) who was with us over the weekend for an overnight. We miss him so much when we're gone!

Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday both were glorious days here in Atlanta, so going out into the woods again was at the top of the list. Our first time this 2007 year! The first thing Nicholas (6-1/2) said before we went out was "And G'ma, I can eat my snack up in the tree!" Which he did.

From that point on, every single tree or branch that could be moved WAS moved. I started to see a pattern that I had not picked up before. Well, it's something he has always done but not with the same relentless vigor.

The determination and the final look of satisfaction! How can you beat that!

I'll tell you what: I can go to London or Stonehenge or Windsor Castle or Bath or Hannover or Amsterdam. But none of that is equal to spending a couple of hours out in the woods with our BLB Lumberjack. Hands down--you can't beat that!


  1. Oh yeah, that is some kind of wonderful. Your grandson is very strong and lean. (And in these days when kids are getting huskier all the time, that's a good thing!) Glad you had a great weekend. My boy was on an overnighter with his aunt, but she generously gave up one of her nights when she found out we got a new cat.

  2. Great photos, Mom, thanks for sharing. I know Nicholas LOVES this time with you and I love being a spectator on these visits, knowing that he enjoys different activities with you guys than he does when he's with me. I'm really grateful for that! Such wonderful memories he has in his short life already!

  3. I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK....
    I sleep all night and I work all day... remember that Monty Python song?
    He looks like he's having the time of his life.

  4. What a lovely set of pictures. I also help my dad and be some sort of a lumberjack during spring.

    Hey did you manage to find a new look for your blog? From the site that I gave you?

  5. Those picture of the forest make my heart ache!! We don't get to see trees much arond here, and I miss them so!! :)

  6. Karen: I love it when our kids can have overnights with their relatives--something my 2 kids never had. Nicholas is more than making up for it. I know that must bring you lots of joy. And yes, I'm very happy that Nicholas is lean. Most of it is in his genes, I'm quite sure, but Amy is also good in working with his eating habits.

    Amy: This is what family is all about! I just wish you and Mark had experienced it when YOU were growing up!

    Ex-S: HA! Well, I don't really know that song but Donica does. I love it.

    Chase: How fun. I could be a lumberjack myself, easily. :) No, I have not taken the time yet to look at that site other than the first day when they were working on it. I hope to get to it next week after our guest leaves (arriving on Friday).

    RRD: I know what that feels like, Stacey. I feel that way when I see pics of snow because I grew up with it.

  7. ah - so wonderful! I'm sure that's what my parents want as well, and it shows when you can spend great times like this together.

  8. Ginnie - You are so right ~ nothing can equal the pure joy of spending time with those we love, particularly when we are able to experience the wonder of life through our children's eyes. I agree with Amy - outstanding pictures and a true blessing for you all! Many thanks for the peek!

  9. ET: We feel so very lucky! He's only 6 years old and we already have a lifetime of memories!

    Susan: HA! I think it runs in his blood, like for most boys (and many girls, I might add). :)

    Dennis: You are a sweetheart! And soon you'll be here!! Thanks for commenting!

  10. Aww, he's such a dear little man, isn't he. And how wonderful that he can explore nature right in his grandmas back yard.

    I think I'm going to eat MY snack in a tree today! And then maybe chop some wood just for good measure. :-)

  11. You gave me quite the laugh this early morning, Christina! I can just picture you up in a tree. :)

  12. You know I love this, and that boy. Your time together is priceless.

    One thing, I hope this doesn't indicate he's a "type A" personality! :| Ah, but I know some very nice Type A's. Just don't want him to stress out. :)

  13. I love your lumberjack pictures. Your boy is so precious!

  14. How my children would have loved to have woods that close to explore and play in!!

    Great pictures BTW.

  15. Ruth: HA. Amy will have to respond to the Type-A personality question. I don't think I've seen it except in just a few instances--like when he's drawing or coloring. But I'm not sure I would call it Type A. But you are so right about our time together! Precious and Priceless!

    Tim: Thank you and yes he is!

    DW: Oh, I know! I wish I could give all children everywhere access to it, especially those who are nature deprived!