Friday, March 02, 2007

St. Paul's Cathedral

It's hard to believe it's taking me this long to get through my London pics from last weekend. And I'm not even talking about Windsor Castle, Stonehenge or Bath!

BUT, at least here's St. Paul's Cathedral. It was my main goal for Friday, a week ago today, to visit it and try to get some pics. Here's a photo album of 24 pics, if you want to see more. And some of these I'll be showing on my Shutterchance blog next week in a larger format.

This is what you see from Ludgate Hill, the west facade. To get it straight on means stepping into the middle of the street. Not a good idea.

You know me and clocks, so I had to get the clock tower zoomed in. I've converted it here to sepia, just for the halibut.

You know what they say: It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. So with every pic I took inside, I asked for St. Paul's forgiveness. I did NOT use flash; I DID pay an entrance fee (about $17 when converted from pounds) and fully believed St. Paul would wink.

The ceiling that runs to the High Altar was worth the entire trip!

My entrance fee was what I needed to get me into the Whispering Gallery of the dome. All 259 steps up! The inner dome is decorated with exquisite grisaille paintings in monochrome, like engravings, set on a gold ground and designed by Sir James Thornhill.

The Whispering Gallery circles the perimeter of the inner dome and is where a whisper on one side can be heard 32 meters away on the other. Thank God I had no one to whisper to, for surely someone would have heard that I was asking St. Paul for forgiveness.


  1. Ginnie - What amazing pictures! I feel as if I with you.

  2. That's what heppens when the cat helps! Try again - I feel as if I had been there with YOU - with or without the cat. Great pictures!!

  3. HA, Judy! You're so funny. I knew exactly what you meant. That cat of yours really does get jealous of you, I think, when you start using the keyboard. It's hysterical to me. :) But yes, I feel like you were wih me as well!

  4. Gorgeous picts, Ginnie. I'm sure that St. Paul heard the whispers in your head, though ;)

  5. Sadly, here at home on dialup, I'm unable to view the photos. I'll devour them at work next week. :(

    This hasn't happened before; I wonder if it's your switch to the new google. Oh well, no fault of yours, and I'll just have to wait!

  6. CS: Thank God for your comment because I know the pics were there when you looked.

    Ruth: There is clearly something going on with my post because the pics aren't there for me either right now. It's not New Blogger because the last post is still there and that was NB. Maybe it's Mercury Retrograde! :(

    In the meantime, you can pull up my photo album of 24 pics. And if things aren't back to normal by tomorrow, I'll try re-adding the pics. There're not even there on my test post!

  7. I looked at your photo album, but your post pics are non existant, too bad, but I'm sure you'll get it working agin soon. St Paul's is so beautiful isn't it? I was last there when I was about 15, went right to the top and looked out for the first time over the City of London.... very impressive sight for a teenager from the countryside.

  8. Love your photos, Ginnie. You're damn good. What's happening with your greeting cards?

  9. Ex-S: I have just re-added my post pics and will see if they stay for awhile. That was way too weird. I bet this was most impressive for you as a teenager. Man! What a memory!

    Moose: Awww. You're a sweetheart! Hmmm. Do you think anyone would want a set of St. Paul's Cathedral greeting cards (especially since photos are verboten!)??

  10. Great! They're there!

    Ha, I didn't know until your last comment that photos are forbidden. I thought you just didn't know! You really were living dangerously in a church. Ha. But I'm guessing St. Paul knew it is a silly rule and would have totally given you permission/forgiveness.

    Your photos are so wonderful. It's very hard to get a photo of St. Paul's on the outside, let alone a good one, which you did. The inside ones are gorgeous. What a place. I haven't been inside since 1975, and I forgot how beautiful it is. And I never went to the top!

  11. wow - some amazing pics there! I love the interior ones the most. They are so lively and full of vibrant colors, absolutely amazing!

    Just so you know, I'm minus one job and have so much relief in me now... Onto finding another though...

  12. Ruth: The original prohibition against cameras, of course, was because of flash damage. I think all these public places need to update their policies, especially when you pay to enter. In the meantime, I guess I try to get away with murder because as someone said, "What's the point!"

    Thank you for your kind comments. Now I realize I should have walked all around the cathedral on the outside but never once thought of it. Sometimes I wonder where my head is!

    ET: Thanks for your visit. That always means a lot.

    So glad you you have "relief" and will be wishing you the best for another job. Do keep us updated.

  13. Honestly, thanks for sharing. I've only seen St Pauls from outside. Yes, I had a great opportunity about 10 years ago. But I choosed to listen to a J S Bach concert in "Trinity". That was like beeing into heaven, without gods to tell me whats right and not: Just heavenly lovely:)

    PS. I plan to be in Southern France end of mid-april

  14. Ahhh, you got your pictures back! Lovely.

    Mercury is STILL doing a number on us, if you can believe it. Mr M's car is now officially known as The Money Pit. :-)

    See you on Wednesday!

  15. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know all about you taking secret photos in cathedrals! ;)

    I loved seeing St. Paul's. It was my favorite part of my visit to London.

  16. Thanks for those amazing pics Ginnie! Those ceiling pics are truly astounding. I could stare at the details for hours.

    Take care!

  17. Just beautiful photos, Ginnie. I am looking forward to seeing them on Shutterchance.

  18. Tor: Oh my! What a hard choice you had to make! I'm guessing those concerts aren't always at your fingertips but St. Paul's will "always" be there, so it looks like you made the right choice after all.

    Hmm. So you'll be in France. How about Amsterdam???

    Christina: Yup. So weird! I think with MR being at the time of the eclipses has made it worse this time than normal! Am looking forward to our time on Wednesday!!!

    Dixie: HA. If anyone knows, it's YOU. As I recall, however, I was pretty good while with you. I think you were my conscience. :)

    P: You're a sweetheart for commenting! So glad you liked the pics. Thanks.

    Karen: You'll see a couple of them on SC--2 outside and one inside. It really was a magnificent place for sightseeing!

  19. Ginnie - The pictures of St. Paul's are absolutely beautiful. Such amazing detail and craftsmanship - truly inspired! As always, thank you for sharing :-)

  20. Have been to London a couple of times, but never to St Pauls. May be I in a way or another I knew I one day would have a Guide like you:)
    The truth is, the only time I had a chance, I went to a concert in St Martin in the Fields.

    ps. can you help me double the lenght of the day. Need more time

  21. Dennis: You are ever so welcome! I feel honored to be able to share my pics with people like you who are glad to see them!

    Tor: HA. You're so very sweet and kind. You can always go back to see St. Paul's but you can't always see a concert!