Monday, March 26, 2007

Things to be Happy About

This isn't exactly a meme, but I have a Page-a-Day Calendar that comes to my InBox, yes, every day. Once you buy a real version, you have the option to order the online version, or any other calendar, for free. Of all the ones to pick from, this year I decided to choose this one, because I wanted to be reminded of fun/silly things to be happy about. Things I don't normally think about.

Every day there are 5 things to be happy about. Today's five are:

  • pictures of faraway places
  • solving a riddle
  • a great teacher
  • tic-tac-toe
  • strawberries and champagne

I was thinking I should add 5 more of my own and get in the exercise of thinking this way. So here are the five I'm adding on my own today:

  • ceiling fans with 3 different speeds
  • pen/pencil holders
  • digital cameras where you can "waste" pics :)
  • The Golden Girls (if you haven't seen Christina's video, please do. I laughed till I cried)
  • phone calls from Europe when Donica is away (from last Thursday to this Saturday, she's in Amsterdam, Basel, Vienna, Dijon and Amsterdam!)

You know what they say: We choose our own happiness! I totally agree.

Addendum: I just found out that this day in history, 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk successfully tested a vaccine against polio. It wasn't until 1955 that the vaccine became available nationwide. I had polio the year before (very mild case) when I turned 9 but am happy today that the vaccine saved many children from the crippling disease that has been almost eradicated around the world! Add this to my list.


  1. I love this concept, Mom! Please continue to share these daily or as often as you please. All the things you mentioned brought a smile to my face, although I have to say that I'm not nearly as excited about a pen/pencil holder. But hey, as long it makes YOU happy! ;-)

  2. how lovely! I so agree..

    We do make our own happiness!

    And yes it was sunny in Basel..

    But I'm wondering are you in Amsterdam soon too?

  3. Maybe not exactly a meme but a great reminder for all of us. I think we should pay more attention to what we are happy for in life. What you are focused on, you get more of, you know:-)

  4. Amy: It's a good concept. I like that it forces me to think of the simplest of things! And I'm quite sure it'd be different strokes for different folks. :)

    ET: Yes, indeed. We fly to Hannover a week from today (April 2) and will then drive to Amsterdam the next Saturday before Easter. But I'll be doing a post on that!

    Renny: You are so right, and you do this so well!

  5. That is a lovely idea. I so relate to "digital cameras where you can "waste" pics" :D Not that I've had much opportunity to take many photos lately.

  6. I love this idea. We should put this on our daily routine, actually.

  7. What a great idea! I will think of some for myself. I do love the free food around here, especially the cheese, that makes me very happy,,,, And your blog makes me happy!! I will be thinking of happy things all day now!

  8. Yes, a great idea. It would be a cool sidebar item to update daily.

    I was thinking of you when we watched "Murderball" the other night. One of the quadrapalegic rugby players had had polio as a kid. I am so grateful you were not debilitated from that disease.

    My list today:
    - 70-degree weather
    - coffee with vanilla soy
    - 70% dark Lindt chocolate
    - photography
    - a beautiful sister-friend!

  9. DW: HA! MY digital camera must be one of my best friends, based on how often I see/use her. BTW, one day I think I'll see you in NZ and that's a very happy thought! :)

    CS: It really is a good idea, isn't it!

    RRD: Awww. You just put a smile on my face!

    Ruth: Actually, that's a great idea for the company, to have a URL that would automatically update on someone's blog. Hmmm. Maybe I'll ask them about that!

    And yes, I am VERY happy about not having had polio that paralyzed me. Thanks for that thought. And I LOVE your set of 5 things you're happy about! :)

  10. Ginnie - You have touched on something that is incredibly powerful here - gratitude. Such a critical,life enriching emotion. Here are mine for today; serendipitous meetings, new beginnings, jet airplanes, a child's smile, the smell of plumeria and tuberose, the feel of sand between my toes, and the good health of those I love and care for deeply. Thanks for the smiles and the lift Ginnie!!! Much love to you, D

  11. My happy things:

    - bulbs sprouting in the garden
    - a work-from-home day for my husband
    - sushi for lunch
    - a visit with my mom
    - a good cup of tea

  12. today's 5 happy things:

    - hot water that comes out of a tap! (this will always be a miracle to me)
    - Electric lights
    - melting snow
    - my two big brawny sons and their wonderful ladies
    - and I have to agree with Karen when she says a good cuppa tea!

  13. Dennis: Gratitude is one of the most powerful concepts out there, as far as I'm concerned and I know you agree. Gratitude attracts gratitude in others. It's a spiraling-upwards sort of thing. Thanks, Dennis, for adding your own list! :)

    Karen: You,too--thanks for adding your list. I love it.

    Ex-S: The list is growing...and growing. It's very affirming to know we all can relate to happiness. It's contagious!!!

  14. Always a good practice to remind one's self of all the good things one experience in life.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  15. I see that you use a Cannon s, do you use extra lenses with it, or just the one on the camera.

    Your close up detail is wonderful in your blog. Which I stumbled on, and am in awe of your wonderful travel/life pictures.

    How do you like your camera, would you choose a different one.


  16. Tim: You're absolutely right! Thank YOU.

    Mike: Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and thank you for your kind remarks. That means a lot.

    I chose the Canon S3 IS because of it's 12x optical zoom ability, it's 0cm macro closeness, and the Image Stabilizer. I have not yet purchased the other 2 possible lenses and don't know if I will. I guess I need someone to sell me on them. For right now, until I know more about how cameras work (I'm really still a novice, not knowing how to manipilate shutter speeds or apertures), I am very happy with this little baby! Thanks for asking.

  17. Thanks for psuedo-meme. Everyone can relate.

  18. Yes, Susan, I think you're right. Ever so often I do come across someone who seems to have forgotten how to be happy. I try to avoid such people like the plague! Too much negative energy = death!

  19. I love Betty White! :)
    What fun lists, Ginnie! Here are mine for today:
    -Purple Wisteria
    -Fiber One Oats & Chocolate granola bars
    -connection to friends
    -You Tube
    -my lovable kitty cat

  20. Awww. Thanks for your list, Mad. I love that we can do this any time we want! It's a good exercise! Thanks for doing it with me. :)