Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Kid in Us

October is not only Major League Baseball month (playoffs and the World Series) but THE FAIR! Can you believe that this October was the 7th year in a row that we took 8-year-old Nicholas to our local fair! It's true.

A week ago this past Sunday was a spectacularly beautiful, fall day. Actually, it ended up being so sunny that it was downright too hot...more like a summer day!
But that didn't keep us from enjoying every minute of it.

I learned this year that the Seattle Wheel ferris wheel is one of a kind in the world because of it's wishbone spokes. It was part of the World's Fair in Seattle, WA, in 1962.

See the difference? This Gondola Wheel (ferris wheel) has the straight spokes. We rode both of them. The Seattle wheel is taller; the Gondola Wheel is faster.

Because Nicholas is older and taller, he gets to ride faster rides that Donica and I can't always ride with him. But this was one Donica could stomach, and did.

And of course, there's always the fairway that gobbles up Donica's money, always with a smile on her face, while I take the pictures and document it all...year after year.

Don't get me wrong, G'ma DOES sometimes let Donica take the pictures!

You really can't have a Fair without some animals and 4-H goodies. After Uncle Don's quail at the farm on Farm Day (August), Nicholas was a pro at putting this peeper to sleep.

This was the first year we visited the Cherokee Indian Village.

But NOT the first year Nicholas and G'ma shared a turkey leg! It's one of our favorite things about the Fair. Just ask Nicholas!

There are still some rides Nicholas knows he does NOT want to ride yet...and not only because he's not the prerequisite 52" tall. But I wonder what year he WILL want to!

His last ride of the day SHOULD have been one of those...which he didn't know till after he got off it. Last year he rode it with Uncle Mark and was lying down the entire time. Okay, so he was brave enough to try it this year of his own free volition.
Will he try it again next year, I wonder??

What is it about Fairs! It somehow reaches to the Kid in all of us and gives us a chance to let it all hang out, I guess.

Thank God for that.

OH! And here's the photo album! I almost forgot.


  1. As always, you have captured the event with precision!! When I think back to one of the pictures from that first year when Nicholas was sitting in the blue boat, with a terrified look on his face, and then compare that to the last picture in your post with his animals....he sure has grown up very quickly. It really is an annual even that we all look forward to with anticipation. Thanks for your wonderful pictures of a nearly perfect day with family!!

  2. Ginnie, Great to see all of you having such a wonderful time at the fair! Such special memories for each of you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's really cool to have an annual event so you can monitor Nicholas' physical and fair ride progress! Maybe next year he'll need a buddy to go along and ride the ones you and Donica don't want to? It sure does take the pressure off. :)

    The pics of the chick in his hand are so sweet!

  4. Ginnie I would love a Turkey leg yum yum:)
    It's great to see that Nicholas is really growing up now and can take a greater part in enjoying the fairground rides. He must have felt ten feet tall, bless is cotton socks.
    I am so pleased Donica captured you on a ride to that really made me smile because I can just imagine the whooping and whailing you were doing!!
    Great documentation as usaul Musketeer:)

  5. That boy is so photogenic! Surprise surprise. I forgot to say how much I love those turkey legs, and if I were there you'd have to share it THREE ways. Well, maybe I'd get my own.

  6. Donica: I had totally forgotten the album when I first posted this but have added it now. It was such a fun day. Thank you for your compliment. As far as I'm concerned, it WAS a perfect day with family! :)

    Judy: Always special memories...and I hope you can look at the entire album, which I initally forgot to add.

    Ruth: We tried and tried to get a buddy for him this year (since Mark couldn't ride some of the fast rides last year either) but no one could go. Next year we will definitely try to plan ahead for that!

    Lurch: You could eat one of those turkey legs all by yourself, Tracy, I'm sure. HA! But it's all Nicholas and I can do to finish one. In fact, I think this was the first year we DID finish it. So fun. He looks forward to it as much as I do! That's the fun of it.

    Ruth: Yes, you WOULD get your own because Nicholas and I polished one off ourselves...the first time in 7 years. :)

  7. Aw, thanks so much, Mom! I know that Nicholas looks forward to this fair each year and you can tell by the photos! I sure wish one of his friends had been able to join him, but maybe next year it'll come together. Thanks to both of you for making these memories with Nicholas! Makes my heart full! :-)

  8. I forgot to mention that the photos with the chick falling asleep in Nicholas' hand are PRICELESS!

  9. Awweee!! My heart is melting. That's what I love so much about your photos Ginnie. Not only are they amazingly beautiful, they totally capture the emotion you want to portray. Makes me also wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephews because I'd love to go to the fair with them.

  10. Once again, you capture the most amazing moments. And how time flies! It seems like just around the corner that I saw last year's fair pictures! I remember the one with Mark and Nicholas so well. But I can tell you one thing, I know of another Mark that would LOVE to accompany Nicholas on wild rides - the ones that our stomachs can't take ;)

  11. Donica, you warm my heart with those affirming words for our dear Ginnie. Ginnie, again just beautiful pics that capture precious moments of those significant people in your life. The one with you on the ride with Nicholas has such radiancy of fun, thrill and joy on your my opinion, the very best pic of you in a very long time. I'm making a hard print of it. It reminds me of the pic that was captured in 1994 when 6 of us went white water rafting on the Ocoee River because you had the very same expression on your face. And that little peep is so cuddly and cute.

  12. I love the picture or you and Nicholas on one of the fast rides! Looks like a lot of fun!

  13. Ginnie, Great post and awesome pictures, as always! What a great day for you all and I am certain, memories that Nicholas will have for a lifetime. I know, I have priceless memories of going to the Nebraska State Fair with my grandparents! Thanks for sharing...much aloha, Dennis

  14. Such Fun!!! Fairs always are .....strangely they always remind me of Simon and Garfunkle's Scarborough fair.......

    loved, loved loved the image of li'l bird asleep in his little hands...


  15. I love good old county fairs! I think Nicholas is going to be a farmer. I will have to think about another baby creature for Nicholas to pamper next summer. (pig?)

  16. I laughed out loud at the thought of Nicholas putting the chick to sleep. Looks like a great day! Dad you should get a pig asap.

  17. I do agree with you: Its important to keep the child in you and have some childish fun once in a while. This post describes it so well Ginnie and well documented with your lovely pics too - so well the action is captured!

    Btw: Sorry I haven't been around for a while - fall is a busy season :-)

  18. Turkey Legs! Never heard of that at a fair. Sounds delicious.

  19. I can not ride any of these ...well...maybe the Ferris Wheel....but I would be afraid it would make me sick.....I can't even watch the rides without needing to lay down!!! but I loved your pictures! ....looks like a fun time was had by all!

  20. I almost forgot to go back and look at the photo album, sorry! Now that I have....I know this was a perfect day and your capture is even better than the small display in the post. Thanks for always capturing the memories we create.

  21. Oh wow - that looks like so much fun! I used to love fairs but there aren't too many that I got to go to...

    Great photos! I just love seeing Nicolas grow up the most..

  22. Ginnie - Love the WHOLE album. Love all the sights of the Fair! My Dad would have loved to have come to the Fair, me too. Thanks for taking me there!

  23. Ginnie - sorry I don't even know where I am any more - that should be: Judy - So California or something like that.

  24. ...the kid in us.....I think everybody will once be in a lifetime a 'kid' maybe only for one second..who cares.
    Great pictures of showing how 'kids' should enjoy...
    That sky is even helping to the great atmosphere.
    The album is a nice remembrance for Nicholas, he will cherish these moments, so will his grandma ;)

  25. Ginnie, I always enjoy the blogs in which you highlight your activities with Nicholas. Nephews (and in my case also nieces) are a lot of fun.

  26. The Fair looks like super fun! I tried to leave a comment yesterday but somehow I couldnt get through, and I couldnt see the pix either!
    Much better today.
    We are in Florida soaking up the sun, but it's been a bit chilly the past 3 nights, hope it will return to beach weather soon.

  27. Amy: Next year we will start on getting a buddy for Nicholas much sooner. It'll be a plan! It is such a precious memory for us.

    Mad: You always make my day! I think our hearts/souls were made out of the same cookie mold!! :)

    CS: You have been with me and these traditions for so CAN remember them from year to year. That amazes me! We'll just have to get you and Mark here next year!!! Wouldn't that be a blast.

    Bob: Awww. You are so positive and upbeat! Thank you. I can't believe you remember that Ocoee rafting trip!

    Katy: We can always be kids, right?! :)

    Dennis: We need these memories on which to hang our lives! Thanks for sharing.

    Moi: Awww. What a nice thought! Thanks.

    Don: The idea of a pig on your farm makes me laugh. I can just see it. I guess you would know if Nicholas has the farmer's knack! You would definitely know. :)

    Peter: It was a sweet moment...with that chick. Now I have visions of him putting a pig to sleep!

    Renny: Fall is busy and we all understand, so thank you for stopping by! You, by the way, make the best Kid of us all!

    RD: It's our favorite thing, Stacey...almost! :)

    Neva: If I look at a fixed point in front of me and none of the ups and downs, backwards and forwards, I'm okay! HA! We did indeed have fun.

    Donica: You are welcome, of course. These are times to remember for the rest of our lives.

    ET: I bet you don't get many fairs on Vancouver Island? Well, maybe in Victoria? It would be hard to get everything across the water, I'm guessing. Man. The idea of it almost overwhelms me.

    Judy: I know where you are from, so no worry! HA! I can just see you and your dad. I wish I had the fair experience growing up. Maybe that's why I'm getting my fill now!

    Astrid: G'ma is in her heaven on these days, as you know. I'm glad your Jeroen experienced these memories with his g'ma. And yes, we all need to be Kids whenever possible. Life is too short not to!

    Tim: You know...because I feel the same way when you share your nieces with us! Thanks.

    Sham: Glad it worked for you today! Thanks for trying again. Get your sun while you can. I wonder if this will be a harder winter than usual?