Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moving Right Along

Another milestone on the road to a new life: the 2 ABF TruckPacks are now gone. Soon they'll be on a ship to Rotterdam in the Netherlands!

I had already shown you what happened when I chose ABF for shipping my heirloom furniture back to Michigan in a ReloCube. It was such a good experience I quickly decided to choose them for shipping my personal goods to the Netherlands. Two different types of packaging but the same overall good customer service. I couldn't have asked for a better process from A to Z. Each box had a 3,000 lb. limit but I'm guessing they were less than 1,500 lbs. each. No matter, they were filled to the gills with the things that matter to me...little touches that will make our home a home.

The weird thing is that I expected them to bring out a forklift truck, not a pallet jack. To be honest, watching the man maneuver the huge boxes "by hand" was pretty scary. There were a couple times I thought one of the boxes would surely tip over and spill out all its contents. O me of little faith. The guy knew what he was doing and did a fine job. Within a matter of minutes, I waved Good-Bye...and that was all she wrote!

If all goes as planned, we'll be driving to Rotterdam on December 11 to pick them up, hopefully without any hitches. Which reminds me...I now have a flight scheduled for Friday, December 4, leaving at 9:35p and arriving the next morning in Amsterdam...on Sinterklaas day. The Day of Gifts. How appropriate, don't you think?!

I sign my quit-claim paperwork on Monday next week and then on Tuesday head south of the city for the Thanksgiving holiday with friends Peggy and Bob, coming back on Friday. My kids will be away in LA (Amy's gang) and Sarasota (Mark), so I'll do my own thing.

Speaking of "my kids," we had a delightful mountain-cabin getaway this past weekend up in the GA Blue Ridge mountains. It was our last hurrah, so to speak, before my departure: Amy, Dennis, Nicholas, Mark and me. We played cards, watched a movie, played cards, ate good food, shot pool, sat in the hot tub...and, did I say, played cards! We'll never forget it. The photo album speaks for itself, if you have a chance to look at it.

And oh, on another note, I was accepted today for my international medical insurance...with an exclusion rider on anything that may happen with my left knee (after my knee surgery in June, 2008). "Pre-existing issues" has a new meaning for me in all the health debate right now! But something is better than nothing and I'm thankful. Which reminds me...HAPPY THANKSGIVING next week to all who celebrate it. We have so much...for giving thanks.

Pinch me: I'm down to 2 weeks away to liftoff. Still miles to go before then, but watching the TruckPacks leave today felt major-major. It really feels like it's happening!


  1. Lieve schat....we are counting down, thank you for showing these pictures, I think I know the feeling....'my life in two boxes....'
    With my moving out, I had my life in several smaller boxes and while unpacking them, I realised some things of that life I don't need anymore....I picked out what will come in handy in OUR new life together, our New Yourney.
    It is amazing that the timing is perfect and that we did our hard work on both ends, this alone gives us the confidence we need and than...Life does not give any guaranties.....
    We will make the best of it and have a lot of joy.
    For both of us it is bittersweet, leaving behind the life we had.
    All we do now is looking into the future and the date of the 5th of Dec. is special and now it will be even more special.
    I am so glad you had that very special weekend with your family, that memory nobody can take away, pictures prove the beauty of it all.

  2. Oh, you are right. It's all starting to really happen now isn't it? Good luck with everything!

  3. It's a big leap into the future that you are taking! Good luck... I'll be thinking of you getting onto that plane on Dec 4. I took a similar leap many years ago when I left UK and came to Canada but I have never regretted it. Only a couple of weeks to go.... it's all very exciting, and somewhat nervewracking too.

  4. Astrid: Because Life has no guarantees, I wonder if that's why so many do not choose it? If we can visualize it, we can attain it, as we've both proved. Life is a Journey and if we do not choose to take the ride, we end up ho-hum/miserable, wondering about the what-ifs. Thank you for choosing this Journey with me. The best is yet to come!

    Karen: Thanks! We're in countdown (2 weeks from today as I write this) and time is still flying.

    Sham: You are my inspiration and hope! Our desire and plan is to move back to the States as soon as same-sex partners are allowed to emigrate my lifetime?

  5. I'm so excited for you and your new adventures and life that await! But, I know this is going to sound really weird and silly, especially since I haven't met you in person (yet), and since I'll still "see" you just as often as I do now, but I feel like I'm going to miss you...which doesn't make sense because our friendship as it's been defined so far, isn't going to change one bit! So even though it makes no sense whatsoever, I'll just say that i'll miss you but I'm so excited for you, too! :)

  6. Oh Ginnie - I'm so excited for you! I know this will be all so much fun and it's all going to happen so fast! And now I'll have an excuse to visit, and hopefully soon!! :)

  7. Mad: You are such a sweetheart! I actually know what you mean. Maybe it's that the possibility of seeing each other feels farther removed because I'll be geographically farther away? And yet we both know that when it's meant to be, we WILL meet. We've been like soulmates from the very beginning!

    ET: I love it that you share my excitement. And yes, it's all happening very fast now. I have to keep pinching myself.

  8. Oh Ginnie - What a time for you - for us all. This time will fly. I admire all the work you've done to get to this point. I DID ask Amy what you were doing for Thanksgiving - you could be here but know you'll have a nice time with Peggy and Bob. I loved the pictures from the weekend. Looks so beautiful and restful AND fun! I had heard what a wonderful time you had - glad that you all had that time together. Big move coming up soon for you my friend - you know I wish you all the best and every happiness.

  9. Ginnie, what a brave move, I'm sure you will find a lot of happiness since you have sought it out. I will be thinking of the both of you. I am also excited for you!

  10. Oh dear oh dear.

    I was fine until I started reading what Astrid wrote.

    I can feel the coming together - the synchronizing of the preparation. You have worked incredibly hard, Boots. I am sure Astrid has too. The unpacking will be so fun! And I'm sure she will have a beautiful candle lit for you - well it will be morning when you arrive. But what a day.

    I'm sorry your poor knee is excluded, hope it doesn't feel too left out. All the more reason to take care of it now.

    So the house deal is done, and you fly a week from Friday. I'd better get busy and download Skype on Don's laptop!

  11. Judy: Your thoughts and best wishes will surround and warm and comfort me like a blanket. Thank you for the love that will carry us far in our new life together. BTW, do you and Dave have a webcam? I'm trying to get all the family on Skype so we SEE each other from time to time. Do think about it. You'd be able to Skype with Dennis, et al, too!!

    RD: When I look at the move from the outside, yes, Stacey, I see it as a brave move. But it is what the Heart wanted and needed, so it seemed like "nothing" to just do it. Thank you for your thoughts and best wishes. One day I/we will see you yet! :)

    Ruth: All the pieces are coming together, Sister, and there are tears in my eyes when I think about it. This has been a long, hard-fought Journey, for sure, but like in birthing a child, the travail now seems like nothing.

    Yesterday I signed the Quit-Claim and now I'm "free." Just waiting for all the last-minute details before I fly out...and the Thanksgiving celebration awaiting me now, starting today. I feel so totally grateful for my Life...all of it.

  12. Wonderful that the packing and shipping is going so well! I bet you just can't wait to finally be where you belong. Well, I can wait either since I may just get to see you some time again soon! :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  13. Christina: I definitely expect us to see each other again, like we used to. I know we'll make it happen. Thank you, dear friend.

  14. Grinning like a fool after seeing an ABF truck this morning and thinking of - you!

    I don't know if you experience it this way, but now and then when I'm involved in something "big", the time comes when events themselves seem to take over, and I'm just along for the ride. I hope your "ride" is smooth and easy - can't wait to hear bulletins from your new life!

  15. SA: I grin every time I see an ABF truck, too, Linda. :) How fun.

    And yes, I know what you mean about the events of these days simply carrying me along. Before I know it, it will be Friday the 4th and I'll be in La-La Land! Thanks for sharing the fun of this Journey with me. You will love hearing about my new life, I know, as much as I'll enjoy sharing it. :)

  16. I was catching up reading back posts on RennyBA’s Terella and read in his post of Nov 14 that he was inviting his readers to pick up one new blog for a visit – I picked yours because he mentioned that you were in Atlanta – I live in Marietta. I see though that you are moving to Holland? Your blog looks very interesting and I shall come back to read more of your past posts to learn about your move. In any case I am saying Hi via RennyBA’s Terella.

  17. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Fly well. You've been so patient!

  18. I see Vagabonde is here! She and I are blog friends, the one I recommended the flooded restaurant to after Amy said it was her favorite, remember?

  19. It's a long way from MI to Rotterdam, both in climate and culture.
    Hope to see you soon.

  20. Vagabonde: I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally respond to your wonderful comment! What a small, small world. To think you know Renny AND my sister, Ruth! It amazes me how the blogging world connects us all over the place...and to think I could have met you while I still lived in Atlanta. Well, I will be back to visit, so never say never, right?

    Susan: I did fly well! The landing was so soft I didn't even know we had landed yet. It felt like a good omen. :) Thanks, Susan!

    Ruth: Oh yes! It amazes me how small this blogging world is. That restaurant, Canoe, opened the Monday before Thanksgiving and the 4 of us (Amy's family) went there for brunch the following Sunday as our Good-Bye meal. Maybe I'll meet Vagabonde on one of my visits back to Atlanta. You never know!

    Tor: It IS a long way but suddenly the world has shrunk before my very eyes, now that I am here in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is almost in my backyard. :)