Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vagabonds Bonding

True to the plan and on time, two crazy women travelers got to rendezvous this past Sunday after meeting each other just a handful of blogging months ago. The real Vagabonde, the one who is French but who has lived here in America for 49 years (coming over the Pond at age now you know how young she is!), still speaks with a delightful French accent. "Do you really think I have an accent?" she asked, every time I mentioned it with delight. I LOVE accents and hers is priceless. I looked at Nicholas and asked him if he thought she had an accent. He smiled his huge YES.

So now you know who took this picture: dear grandson Nicholas (9)! I was boysitting him over the weekend in Atlanta when mommy and step-dad were away. While the cats are gone, the mice will play! And we did. He was such a gentleman and took all of it in stride. Several times he said to me, "G'ma, I can tell you are really excited!" Don't we love what the little ones pick up!

Vagabonde is not comfortable with showing her face online, for privacy concerns, but she sure helped us be creative. Look at that hair! No, the curls aren't natural but they sure do look it, don't they. SHE is natural. If you had been with us, you'd have felt natural, too...just like long lost friends catching up on each other.

Now here's the fun part. Pay attention because it totally blew me away. We connected to each other via our blogs just as I was leaving Atlanta for Holland last December. We both lamented the fact that my leaving meant we couldn't meet up...but we knew the possibility would still be there some distant day whenever I returned for a visit. And all the time I assumed she had found me through sister Ruth's blog, since I had often seen her name there.

No No No. It was through Renny's blog in Norway that Vagabonde found me. Back in Novemeber he was celebrating his 4th blogging anniversary and mentioned that an anniversary called for special gifts of "link love." He then listed all the blogs from his blogroll (over 100!) and said, "Pick out at least one you don’t know, pay a visit and make a comment saying you’re from Renny to say hi." When Vagabonde saw my blog on the list and that I was from Georgia, she chose me to visit and commented. That started the friendship!

Don't you love it! This is what blogging is all about, as far as I'm concerned. Vagabonde explained to Nicholas what a vagabond is: a hobo, in some contexts, but otherwise one who travels all around. In that regard, I consider myself a vagabond, too. Add the red hair and perhaps we're even sisters from a past life??


  1. Oh this is fabulous!! All of it, from start to finish. I'm so glad you two met up and got on, and I almost feel like there was a family reunion there that I just wasn't the other night I was explaining what blogging was all about to some dinner guests, who were positive and interested. But when I said that I consider that some of the bloggers I've met have become real friends, they were astonished and disbelieving.
    Well, I guess that would have been me a bit less than a year ago, too. I'm going to keep your story in my little box of tidbits, Ginnie, and pull it out the next time I see these people!

  2. Ginnie this is a lovely post and even lovelier was to meet you and Nicholas – I would not mind adopting him, he is a great kid. What a wonderful time we had last Sunday. I can use some of my San Francisco and Southern talk and say “That was far out, y’all” – real cool – très sympathique. It did feel like we have known each other for a long time. I hope we’ll meet again when you come back and that the rest of your stay here will be all you want it to be.

  3. What a delightful visit and such a lovely post! And I can just feel all of the excitement everyone had with the visit.

    I cannot believe how much Nicolas has grown lately either... Really he's such a big guy now!!!

    Just an exciting story of how you met! :)

  4. The moment I saw your eyes, I knew.....this is what you like and yes Nicholas is right.....'G'ma you are really excited'.
    Next time we fly to Atlanta I like to meet her too.
    I kind have a feeling we all three will do good.
    I love the pictures and I think Nicholas needs to save his pocketmoney and buy a camera and start taking pictures.
    Blogging is a way of life and only bloggers know what it means.
    I am delighted you had this meeting with Vagabond, a wonderful person, young at heart, like you mijn lieve schat.

  5. Deborah: I love these stroies and how they really ARE real over time. Thanks for your wonderful support of this serendipity!

    Vagabonde: Astrid wants to meet you, too, so we will definitely have to meet up again. No question about it! :)

    ET: And to think that you had your turn a couple years back, Jen. Isn't this fun!!! :)

    Astrid: We will make sure we meet her together when we're both back, mijn liefste. That will be fun. I just showed Nicholas what you wrote about the camera and he smiled. Good idea, I do think. But he'll have to get Mommy or someone to help him transfer the pictures to the Internet. Wouldn't that be fun if we were only closer!!! :)

  6. Dear Ginnie (and Vagabond!) What a heart touching post - I mean, I always say "Blogging Connecting People" and I'm so happy I have contributed to you're meet up!

    But it takes more than that: It takes initiative, a bit of travelling guts but also good chemistry - and you two have it all!

    I'm so eager to meet Mrs. Vagabond myself and of course I will at the Oslo Blog Gathering.
    Was hoping to meet you and Astrid too of course, but I do understand you can't make it - this time!

  7. Some connections are in the heart, and I have had some life connections via blogging, as you know. Getting to meet is another layer, and good for you both that you did it.

    Vagabonde looks as adorable as she seems in her wonderful blog, where I learn so much and admire her photos.

    I love seeing my dear Nicholas, what a guy.

  8. I am so pleased that you and La Vagabonde hit it off so well. I have been following her interesting blog adventures for a while too, but it''s unlikely that we will ever meet. But you never know do you? Nicholas is growing up to be a very handsome young man, but don't tell him I said so, I don't want him to get a swelled head!
    The 2010 variety show id finally over.... I have mixed feelings. Sad that it is over, and at the same time, relieved that it is over!

  9. That is so great, Ginnie. I remember when we met the first time and it was so exciting. Funny how we get to know each other thru the blog and then really connect in real life! And you know what? I sometimes feel that we get to know bloggers better than many acquaintences in life, and the bond is often stronger. Maybe because bloggers write about what really moves tehm and and a normal coversation, you'll just talk about the weather?

    I have to put up a post soon. I've been so busy with my preparations to return to Canada. Enjoy your time in Atlanta. :)

    PS: Lordy lord! Nicholas has grown! WOW!

  10. Renny: You are the king of all these blogging connections, and I know you will thoroughly enjoy Vagabonde in Oslo when she flies over soon. One day it will be Astrid and me. :)

    Ruth: You would be thrilled to meet this lady, especially since she's French! :) And yes, that Nicholas is something else.

    Sham: I have learned to never say never, so I know what you mean about the possibility of meeting Vagabonde. I never dreamed that would happen in 100 years...until I found out she lived in Atlanta. It really is a small world after all. Before you know it your own g'sons will be as old as Nicholas. It happens way too fast!!!

    CS: Just think--we have met twice and in 2 different countries. Hard to believce! I tend to agree with you that the blogging friendships can be stronger than the others in real life (especially since I married one of them!). We end up getting so much more information, I think...less superficial! I can just imagine what you're going through in getting ready to move back to Canada. You know I know! I just wish I could help you....

  11. Lucky you, Ginnie! Vagabonde is such an passionate and interesting blogger. I love seeing her smiling eyes. I'm sure you all had a fabulous time!

  12. DB: You are so right! It was an inspiring time with her in every way. I'll gladly meet up with her again whenever possible!

  13. Such beautiful ladies and a very handsome grandson, too!
    Happy Mother's Day to you and Astrid!! Celebrate the motherhood and beautiful women that you are!