Thursday, November 19, 2015

Candler Field Museum and Peach State Airport

By now you know that when we stay with Bob & Peggy while in the Atlanta area each October, we love to find things to do.  Besides the Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel, we had fun driving to Williamson, Georgia, 26 miles away, to see their airport and museum.

This was the short version on Facebook.

As airports go, it's like a Mom & Pop kind of place.  HA!
Peach State Airport.  Peach State Aerodrome.  Candler Field.  Take your pick.

"There are twenty-one aircraft based at Peach State Airpot, including one multi-engine.
Average operations per day is a total of nine, seven local flights and two transient flights."

When you walk in, the museum is straight ahead and the restaurant is to the left.
See what I mean about Mom & Pop?!

We started out with the Candler Field Museum, which recreates how the 
now Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int'l Airport appeared in the 1920-30s.

Planes, Tractors, Autos and Bikes.
Sounds like a movie.

If any of that looks familiar, I think you're aging yourself?

Those were the days, you know.  Roaring 20s and 30s.
It didn't take long to reminisce.

One could say the main attraction is their Barnstormers Grill.
Astrid and I had already checked the menu at home and knew we'd get a Reuben sandwich,
her very first and one of my favorites ever.  The chicken carbonara also caught our attention.

From where we were sitting, we looked out onto the flying field, but not too much action that day.
Did you notice the airplane weathervane hanging inside the restaurant (above)?

And did I ever mention how addicted we are to trying new beers?
How can you resist one with a "Drink.  Laugh.  Repeat" mantra?

After lunch we walked to the hangar...

and then onto the field where the planes were being parked for the day.

If I had been quicker on the draw, I would have caught him pulling the plane from the hangar.
Who knew you could pull one of these by hand!
And then someone flies it?

Don't you love getting your education at these out-of-the-way places!
The more we look each year, the more we find them.

Thank you, Bob & Peggy.


  1. I did not know you could pull a plane like that either!

    How did Astrid like her Reuben? I love them too!

    1. The things we learn by observing, Ruth! And yes, Astrid loved the Reuben sandwich. It's not something I've ever seen offered here in the Netherlands.

  2. I liked my Reuben HA.... and the macaroni was great too.
    It was a fun airport with some real nice things on show. Amazing how these small planes fly and how some parts of the plane are made out of cloth and painted with paint that makes it shrink to have a tight, light body....
    Your pictures show we had a great day out and I am looking forward to the trips next year.
    Wonderful post and love the vimeo.

    1. We have so much fun on these outings, don't we. We are so lucky to have such good friends and good times. Lots of memories!

  3. Fascinating old planes, they were so beautifully preserved. I think that blue sky accompanies you and Astrid everywhere you go!

    1. Just think how far we've come, Susie. It blows my mind! And yes, we did have several very sunny days this trip to Atlanta and area. Lucky us!

  4. So you didn't go up for a spin? Watch out for the Red Baron.

    1. If the Red Baron bi-plane had been there that day, Sham, Astrid and I planned to take a ride...but, alas, it was being hired out that day elsewhere. Maybe next year?

  5. Truly fortunate to have wonderful friends and these amazing experiences! You are both so deserving! ❤️

    1. Very kind of you, Robin...and we do feel very fortunate!

  6. We have our own collection of rural airports, thought the best of them, Johnny Cake, closed a few years ago. Roxbury airport has a small hanger and a plane in the field. That’s it, but it’s a good hill with fine views. I have to check out Oxford Airport and see if something interests my eye.

    As you can see, I’m now trying to catch up on your blogs after a busy two weeks of slide talks.

    Didn’t know you were a beer taster. I bet I’ve missed it all these years. Monday I spoke at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury and had dinner after with friends at an ancient Italian restaurant in Waterbury. I had been in there a few years earlier and remarked that their selection of beers was weak, that every Italian restaurant ought to at least have Peroni. I was delighted on returning to discover they had Peroni and some other beers as well. Alas, Waterbury is a dead place. I hope the improved beer selection has improved his revenue.

    I know you. You can’t convince me you “remember” the things in the photo montage with the old radio. Like me, you’re only old enough to remember ones already old when we saw them. We’re youngsters still.

    1. LOL about those "old" things, Ted. Well, back then when we saw them, they weren't that old, right? HA!

      Being here in Europe has made me a beer drinker whenever we're out-n-about. Being so close to Belgium, there are hundreds of beers to choose from. We especially like the Abbey beers, of which there are plenty. So, yes, my palate has been finessed in many ways here. :)

      I feel so lucky to live where I do...but I often think that where you live in the New England area has got to feel as lucky!

      Thanks for catching up, as always.

  7. So colorful and quaint. And the Reuben looks terrific.

  8. You do manage to find great spots with history and good food nearby!