Thursday, November 26, 2015

For Bob and Peggy: Food, Glorious Food, etc., etc.

By now you know the routine:  we fly to Atlanta, take care of appointments, spend a weekend with the kids, spend the next Sunday - Thursday with Bob and Peggy while the kids work and Nicholas is in school, and then go to the cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains before winding down to fly back home.

This is the time with Bob and Peggy when we weren't at the Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel or the Candler Field Museum and airport.  And this is the time when Astrid in particular finally relaxes and says "This is vacation."

Fasten your seatbelts, especially if you like good food and drink.

First of all, Bob and Peggy got married in 2004 while I worked in assisted living before retirement.
Peggy was the executive director and I was lucky to attend their wedding.
Shortly after that, they started building their house out in the boonies south of Atlanta.
THIS house.  And I've been there every year with Astrid.

In case you wonder why we like to go there, it's the FOOD, stupid!  HA!
Let's start with breakfast.  Look at who makes the waffles.

To tell you the truth, they both do the cooking.
And we all do the eating.

See, Peggy does her own part, this time for lunch.
And we all do the eating.

To cater to our Dutchness, they even make their own split-pea soup.
And we all do the eating.

By late afternoon, it's time to test the home brew!
This year we got to taste Bob's Chateau Roscoe Chardonnay and Chilian Malbec.
Roscoe is their dog!

See!?!?!  That's Roscoe.
We first celebrated the fabulous brew out on the wrap-around porch.

If it wasn't his wine, it was Bob's Brew of beer, Horansky style.
He's been making beer for years, so we knew what to expect.
We Cheer Beer!

And if that wasn't enough, Bob even made us a mean banana martini.
By now I know what you're thinking:  what boozers.  HA!
But you couldn't be farther from the truth.
Everything in moderation, one drink at a time...over several days, of course.

And to show you the truth whereof I speak, check out the basement.
I suppose if it were meth it would be Breaking Bad (which I've yet to see)?

By the time you get to supper, you'd better have an appetite...
as though you hadn't eaten all day, of course.

See how Bob and Peggy both do the cooking together?
It's a beauty to behold.  A joint collaboration.
And we all do the eating.

Then there's the fun-n-games, like with Bob's 1951 GM toy.
Last year he was just starting to restore it.
This year we were queens for a day, taking a ride.

Every morning Astrid and Bob took Roscoe for a walk.
Astrid put the GPS watch on her arm one day (above left).
The next day she put it on Roscoe's collar (above right).
Isn't that the cat's meow!

In the afternoons Astrid and I took our own walks together,
once to Jackson Lake right down the road.

That particular day and time the kids were getting out of school.
Did you know the Dutch have a few of these American school buses that are party buses here?  Yup.

Another day we walked two miles down the road to the corner store,
and luxuriated in the autumnal abundance in front of us.

And since it just happens to be Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, how's that for an ending note!
Good God, good friends, good food...let's eat!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving indeed. What is better than being with friends and be in good company and have good food and own brewed drinks....Each year I am looking forward to our time with Bob and Peggy. Walking the dog is also one of the things I really enjoy. One morning we were treated with the presence of a deer deer....
    Wonderful post showing why we are very thankful having these wonderful friends. A thank you is in order here. See you next year.

    1. Year after year we are truly blessed! Thank you, indeed, to Bob & Peggy.

  2. I'm glad I just finished breakfast...otherwise I'd be eating anything and everything in the refrigerator! Absolutely fabulous!

    1. It's a good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth, Robin, because you made me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing! :D

  3. Love and Thanksgiving to you and Astrid....and to all you hold dear! These pictures were a treat for the eye and for the tummy! Such food, my gosh. It would have been heaven to ride in that 1951 GM baby...I also fell in love with the spacious porch. A grand place to sit and enjoy a banana martini or a beer. Cheers!

    1. There is always so much to look forward to every year, Susie. And we never forget it. Thanks for sharing the joy.

  4. Looks like lots of yummy food! Just looking at this post makes me hungry! :)

  5. It is the season of eating! I'm a malbec lover.

    1. Definitely the season, Maria. And for me, I love just about any wine, especially if it's red! :)

  6. I’m a week late in replying to this Thanksgiving greeting and stuck pondering how your sunny disposition will feel about “Breaking Bad.” It’s the baddest thing I know, in part, because it is so fiendishly real and beautifully acted and told. But it’s bad.

    The red MG. Didn’t we see that before, and I told you about the one Jane’s father had when she was just at driving age? —the one that got covered in plasticrap by neighborhood kids with nothing to do? My parents had a wealthy friend who had a 1951 or 52 MG, and I recall getting a ride in it once when it was new. Even then it frequently wouldn’t run.Love the GPS tracking and Roscoe. The rest is food, and Jane and I are both dieting. Do you know what it’s like trying to diet when the refrig is full of leftover desserts from Melissa’s Thanksgiving?

    Happy… the next bit of holiday fuss. I think it’s Chanukah.

    1. Yes, Ted, you DID see that red MG in the overview post I did previously. You're paying attention. HA!

      Astrid and I have started eating salmon salads twice a week now, two days apart, as a new way of managing our eating. It's been doing wonders for us both and we love it. Apart from that, we use this holiday season to nibble on whatever we want, knowing it comes around only once a year. HA!

      Chanukah/Hanukkah...your Festival of Lights, all next week. I'll be celebrating it with you because it's such a wonderful time of remembrance.