Thursday, November 12, 2015

Skyview Atlanta's Ferris Wheel

By now most of you know that we spend time with Bob & Peggy every October when we visit Atlanta, while Amy and Dennis are working and Nicholas is in school.  It ends up being a win-win for all of us.

Especially when we get to see and do fun things!

This was the short version on Facebook.

Here's the longer version of our drive to downtown Atlanta, next to the Centennial Olympic Park, to ride the 200-ft-high Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel. 

Lucky for us, Peggy had already researched it and found discounted tickets through Groupon, 4 for $32, instead of the normal $13.50 pp price.  She then asked us if we wanted to ride in daylight or at nighttime?  When I found out the price, I said BOTH.  So I bought another set of Groupon tickets so that we could ride the wheel twice.  DUH!

We couldn't have picked a better day for overlooking the Atlanta skyline!

And because kids were in school on this Monday, 19 October, it wasn't busy.
So I made the executive decision to ride as couples in separate gondolas for more photo-taking space.
At first, I was mesmerized by the wheel contraption itself.
(Aren't Bob & Peggy cute in that top-right gondola!)

Then, of course, I started paying attention to what was out there to see.
If you're not familiar with Atlanta, it won't mean as much,
but for the rest of us, it was a huge WOW, recognizing the iconic buildings.

It was fun to zoom in on some of the familiar particulars....

especially the Centennial Olympic Park with its Olympic-Rings fountain.
I lived in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, and even purchased one of the 
800,000 bricks made to construct the 21-acre park, at $35 each.

After 7 full revolutions (the normal ride is 4), we exited and crossed the street
to spend some time in said Centennial Olympic Park.

Talk about an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle.
And, yes, it's free.

At first we were quickly distracted by a flying object in the sky
until we tracked down the culprit who was causing all the excitement.
Did you know that toy drones are supposed to be the biggest Christmas seller this year?

But not to get off-subject, of course.
It was most impressive to get the Skyview take from the park's perspective.

By then it was time to eat...and get dark...before our next ride.

Bob had already picked out Glenn's Kitchen, just a hop, skip and a jump away, near Philips Arena.
(And in case you wondered, that's only a fake Chihuly glass chandelier.)
Astrid and I both had a real Guinness Stout, tickling the waiter to bits.
We also had our second of two kale salads this trip.  Delish.

It didn't take long for it to get dark while we were eating dinner.
If we had waited longer, we would have missed the sunset.
My shots weren't good because of the movement, but you get the picture.

This time we had only 3 complete revolutions, but we saw what we went to see.

And then, again, we crossed the street to see everything from the park's point of view, in the dark.
It was breath-taking.  This is Atlanta!

Walking back to the car it all felt like a fairytale.
Totally worth those Groupon tickets, Peggy & Bob.



  1. How fun! Loved that you took advantage of having dinner to do the night viewing!

    1. Thanks, Robin. The second viewing was a no-brainer! :)

  2. This was a memorable day. Absolute fabulous weather and a great experience. I love down-town Atlanta with the tall buildings and the beautiful architecture. Thank you Bob and Peggy is in order here. The restaurant was a great pick.
    Wonderful pictures to show the event. IHVJ.

    1. Thank you, Astrid. I love that we have these times to share with good friends. Every year we find something new, which still amazes me. So much still to see!

  3. Awesome to do it twice and catch the sunset too! You are both so good at diving in to every experience. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Ruth. It was a no-brainer to do it twice, using the Groupon tickets. It makes me want to find other good deals! :)

  4. It seems that ferris wheel is a must in every big city nowadays! Ginnie, I never try, experience anything without groupon (or travelzoo).

    1. A Ferris wheel vantage point is really a good one for skylines in big cities, Maria. I'm really glad it's catching on elsewhere. If we lived in America, I'm sure I'd be getting as many Groupon discounts as possible to do all the things I wanted to do. It's a no-brainer.

  5. I have visited Atlanta for work and never had much time to play or sightsee....while I would never enter that ferris wheel...and I mean never not for any reason or amount of money....I have seen gorgeous views of downtown from various tall building restaurants and rooms...quite a sight.

    1. Now you have me wondering, Donna, about why you wouldn't ride the Ferris wheel. Are you saying you're afraid of heights???

  6. I definitely prefer the night photos from the Ferris Wheel. Xmas last year, grandson Aiden and I both got drones and have made several attempts to learn to fly them. It’s not easy. We’ve yet to take a picture from it. B&H published a great article before last Xmas whether and how to buy a drone. Opa gave in and bought two.

    1. Yay for Opa That's what opas are for. HA! If ever you get a pic from your drone, please make sure to let us know.

  7. I love Atlanta. Such a pretty city. My sister-in-law is there right now, staying next to Centennial Park.

    1. It really is a lovely city, Mad, I agree. I wonder if your SIL will ride the Ferris wheel???

    2. haha! probably not! not my SIL's thing. I so totally would though!