Thursday, February 22, 2018

Just a PENNY???

If you think this is going to be a cheap post, you're on the right track.

It starts with this Richard Quest ad we often hear while watching CNN Int'l these days (my only channel for watching American and world news):

When it comes on and Astrid hears his voice, she immediately says,
"Just a PENNY?"

You could say Richard and I are on the same page, as surely was my dad, whose daughter I truly am when it comes to all things "conservational."  I know I embarrassed my kids every time I bent down to pick up a penny, let alone when I bought them brand-new clothes at yard sales.

You probably know where I'm going with this.

Richard's ad got me thinking about all the things in our small apartment that we've either acquired for free or for pennies on the dollar at flea markets or our nearby Kringloop (circle-loop = second-hand store).

Where do I start!
Our dining table with 6 chairs for €50 at Kringloop, which Astrid lovingly refinished.

Our €15 antique koffie grinder from the flea market, also refurbished by Astrid.

My €25 rollator after knee surgery from Kringloop.

Our €30 exercise bike and €65 cross-trainer, used every day!

Free planters and such (from our center's freebie room) for Astrid's green thumb.

My favorite freebie of them all, for the amaryllis each year.

I could continue on and on about how I saved in this life and past well as did Astrid.

But now...THIS!

YES!  Astrid and I are gonna be grandmas!!!  (A Freebie??)
Astrid's son Jeroen and Eva are expecting their first child around the first of September!!!
On March 11 we expect to find out the gender with only the name to remain a secret from us.

So, guess what we're already finding.  HA!

A brand-new hoodie for €.75 at Kringloop,
the perfect size for next winter.

A freebie caterpillar and a bike that Astrid will restore once she's retired in May.
Disney piggy banks from Kringloop....everything perfectly sanitized by Astrid.

Astrid and I often say to each other that we make good Jews.  If you're Jewish and reading this, surely you know that's the highest compliment we could ever pay you.

Do we like money???  YES!  That's why we save it, one penny at a time.  Are we too proud to admit it???  NO!  

After all, it's NOT just a penny.  "Every penny has power and it's not how many you have, it's what you do with them that counts!  That's the marvel of money."


  1. I economize any way I can too, Ginnie. Well done!

  2. Well, this certainly was an interesting post!! I loved seeing all your 'finds'.... I used to love second hand shopping, but i don't get out much anymore... when i have money however, i have very expensive taste :) and congrats on being grandmothers!!

    1. Yes, you do have expensive taste, Elaine, but when you can get those "expensive" items at a significant savings, THEN you've hit the jackpot, right? :)

  3. 'Just a penny'.... that is one of my favorites. And no I am not 'too big' to shop around in the Kringloop or at the 'dumper-truck-place'. I see gold in almost anything and I look with the eye of 'can that be fixed, used, cleaned,'... My mom was the same way and in that regard we have the same genes. It is a sport, maybe not Olympic to some of you, but to us we feel being the winners all the time. Like being grandmas, how fun that will be. IHVJ

    1. So, you are like your mom and I am like my dad. I like that. You have no idea the joy it gives me to see you come alive with your fixer-uppers. You could make a hobby of it in your next life and probably make a pretty penny. :D

  4. Inspiring!

    And I know how much fun it is to find inexpensive finds for the grandbabies! Just picturing you two with her/him is priceless! And you'll both be retired!!!

    1. RETIRED is the operative word here, Ruth. We will have so much fun!!! And what I love is that YOU KNOW!

  5. What great news, Ginnie! You and Astrid will make wonderful grandparents. i am a penny pincher and most everything I buy is second hand. I refurbish and paint things too and have done this with my grandchildren for years. I think I told you about the big desk for Christmas a couple of years ago.

    1. We're both on the same page then, Mary, benefiting from much money saved throughout the years. A penny saved is a penny earned! I, of course, already know the joys of being a g'ma, but now I get to share the experience with Astrid, which will be totally new for her. We find out the gender of the child on March 11. :)

  6. Oh, I LOVE everything about this post! There is so much waste in our world, and purchasing second hand items is so necessary! Keep up the great work and keep using those saved pennies and seeing the world!

    1. Thank you kindly, Robin. I have never been ashamed of being thrifty, knowing it has enabled me to spend money where I want and with the added bonus of being generous when I can be. I always want to "pay it forward" AND pay it back!