Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hailey at 3 Months Plus (16-17 weeks)

Yes, I know, we're still counting weeks.  This post is about her last week at 3 months, because she turns 4 months on Saturday, 12 January, in two days.  At this age, every week is still counted.

A week ago, she was 16 weeks old and we were with her for a "fix" with Mama and Papa present.  In other words, we weren't babysitting.

Oma Astrid has the magic touch.

Oma Ginnie just wants to eat her up!

I used to call daughter Amy Snicklefritz ("happy face").
I used to call son Mark Palooka and then called g'son Nicholas the same.
So it makes a good segue to now call Hailey Snicklefritz, don't you think!

I love watching Papa being so involved with his daughter.
(Happy Face and Happy Socks.)

Look at him reading to her (from Oma Astrid's book, I might add).

Thankfully, Oma Astrid was able to lie on the floor to get this vantage point.
(Nope, I can't do that anymore, sadly.)

And then Papa did the big turn-over.

"Look, Oma, at what I can do!!!!"

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

That was a week ago.  This past Tuesday, a couple days ago, at 17 weeks, we babysat Hailey while Mama was at work:

It was an indoors day because of rain and treacherous wind outside.
So we tried out the swing for something different (for us).

At first she slept but when she woke up, she was observing everything.

Did I mention that she's teething?
Interestingly, Opa Jaap's Christmas gift is one of her favorite toys.

See what I mean about eating her up?!

Speaking of eating, look at those hands!

And when she was done....

...she was Ms. Snicklefritz all over again.

OMG.  We can hardly stand it.  Totally smitten.


  1. It is a delight to see her grow that fast and be that bundle of joy. It amazes me how much she "talks". Communication will be a big thing is my guess. Great pictures to show her adventures. One day she will roll-over by herself and she does not need her daddy... IHVJ.

    1. She is growing before our very eyes, Astrid! It's a delight to behold. And yes, one day soon we'll see her roll over all on her own!

  2. So adorable! I know you both are having so much fun with her!

    1. Indeed, Robin. It's like being a grandma again for the first time!

  3. She’s so alert and engaged! Lucky grandmas.

    1. As I just told Robin, it's like being a grandma again for the first time. :) Yes, we feel very lucky.

  4. There is nothing better than those looks of love from a baby!! Pure joy, for both her and you. I am thrilled for the two of you to have these bonding times with this new human being.

    1. You know the feeling, Ruth. I do, too, of course, but after 18 years (with Nicholas), it's like being a grandma again for the first time. :)

  5. Replies
    1. If you and Jane ever have another grandchild, Ted, it will be like having one again for the first time!

  6. oh my God... what a darling!!! i love loved the turn over video, the laughter!!

    1. I know, Elaine. If ever we want entertainment, we know where to go. :)