Saturday, August 30, 2008

Faces of Farm Day 2008

Finally (eindelijk), I have finished up all the Farm Day pictures (400 saved and put into albums)! Don't ever tell me that a Gemini never finishes anything. HA!

Anyway, in one of those in-the-middle-of-the-night flashes, I started seeing all the close-up faces of the chickens and said to myself that that would make a fun post. And a second later, I started seeing in my mind's eye all the close-ups of the kids. HA! Why not make a post juxtapositioning the two!

The following chickens are part of The Farm album ...the artsy pictures I took:

The biggest of the 3 albums is The Tribe album, full of the family, old and young alike. Here are a few faces of the younguns, who always steal my heart. They're all growing up way too fast!

And of course, the favorite of them all, grandson Nicholas (now 8), who can almost do no worng, you know! I've already shown you the Nicholas album. This was his very first Farm Day and will never be forgotten.

So, there you have it. Just some of the faces of Farm Day 2008!


Switching gears! Donica and I flew home from Amsterdam on Wednesday so that Donica could probate her mom's will, finally. Yesterday we met with a realtor and potential buyer for Mom's house south of Atlanta. Our hopes are high and our prayers are fervent that we can get this monkey off our backs. It would be"just like God" if the will was probated and the house contract written and a buyer committed in the space of 2 days! Who ever would believe that in a hundred years! We'd love your prayers for this kind of "miracle."

Donica flies back to Amsterdam this afternoon for a short week, coming back next Thursday. And I will continue weeding the yard!!


  1. Just beautiful photos, Ginnie. That last one of Nicholas is masterful. Have you tried it in a high-contrast black and white?

    Best of luck with the "monkey". Here's hoping it's off your backs sooner rather than later.

  2. There is much youth with those pics. And I never thought I'd see that much beauty in a the plain ol white ones, huh?
    My prayers are with you for the estate and I'll expect the news of a positive outcome when we get together this week. Give Donica a hug since I won't see her then.

  3. Ginnie this is a great way to show the faces around the farm, and as usual you have made a great job of it. My prayers are with you as always.. Happy weeding!!!!

  4. Cute Chickens!! (I'm a bit biased)

    In order, their names are: Stiggy (Ameracauna Rooster, Wolf, (Cuckoo Maran Hen), Khan (Cuckoo Maran Rooster), Aracauna Rooster (I gave him away on Freecycle to a nice older lady who wanted to hear crowing on her farm again), and Minkie, (Ameracauna Hen).

    We'll be thinking about Donica's Dickerings and Dealings.

    Beautiful photos...

  5. Your such a great portrait photographer Ginnie - amazingly good and colourful pictures!

    The children seams to have real fun too - Farms Day is such a great arrangements.

    Nicholas already 8 - times goes by soooo fast.

    Wishing you a great week - a Happy Labor Day - and of course I'm crossing fingers and toes for your 'miracles'.

  6. Karen: I like your idea about converting Nicholas to B&W! I'll try it! And thanks for your good-luck wishes!

    Bob: I never knew there was this much variety in chickens! I really got my education. Thanks for your prayers for the estate!

    Lurch: HA! You have shows there in the UK that I have never heard of, bringing a smile to my face! Thanks, Musketeer!

    Don: I knew you'd come to the rescue. :) Thank you!

    Renny: As you so eloquently share your world there in Norway, I'm glad I can share mine, wherever I happen to be. Thank you kindly.

  7. I love how you always capture the personality of each subject...I'm presuming the chickens, of course, since you get the human farm animals so well! :)

  8. This was a brilliant idea, aren't all those heads beautiful?? When I saw the farm album I especially loved the one of Great with her hand, sooo sweet with Aden peeking from behind.

    All the best on the sale of the house!!!

  9. Beautiful chickens, beautiful children. You are truly capturing something for posterity. Genealogy will never be same...

  10. Time flies waaay too fast! I'm in my new home already... So tired from the move and so much to do.. Love the faces and am thinking about the photos to take everywhere. There is so much still.. Great shots, they are so lovely and will be a memory for years to come.. :)

  11. I can't choose between chickens or children... they are all great photos of very handsome subjects.
    Good luck weeding the yard... who does it when you are both in Amsterdam?

  12. Ontzettend mooie foto's weer Ginie.
    There a faces and faces, I could not chosse between them, you did a brilliant job.
    Always fun when you share these beautiful pictures.
    My prayers are with you, hope the house will be sold soon.
    .....erm..I think in the Hotlanta area, people can hear their weeds grow....good luck with it trimming it down....
    I saw the 'scary' movie Trace send, I think those kids still have nightmares......grin....

  13. Mrs. M: As you know, they all have names and Don has them all down pat! That is quite something!

    Ruth: Ohhhh, thank you for your words! On both counts!

    Susan: Posterity has never looked so good. :D Thanks.

    ET: So glad the move is over, but now the settling in! Take care of yourself and don't over-do it.

    Sham: HA! So we just won't choose. :) No one does anything when we're both gone! It always waits for me!!

    Astrid: Oh yes, you are so right...we can hear the weeds grow. You sure know how to say the darnest things! :)

  14. Love those chicken photos! And young children are always cute. :)

  15. You have logged a lot of miles on your trips between America and lovely shots here of the kids!