Thursday, November 06, 2008


Count them!

One day recently Nicholas (age 8) and I started counting all his g'mas! Just when we thought we had counted all of them, we remembered another one...until we got to NINE! I think we got them all! WAIT. There's TEN. Someone just piped up....

I HAD to start with ME, of course (HAHAHA) because, well, he came out of Amy and she came out of me.
Talk about basic, crude truth!
Besides, this is one of my favorite images of him and me when he was 1-1/2 years old.

And since Donica is my partner, and so many of his memories are with her/us, she happens to be next in my own logic. Even though he doesn't call her "G'ma," she is. I call her his "Sugar G'ma!" :)
He knows he can get anything he wants from her, if he's reeeeal nice. :)

Even though Donica's mom passed away this past February, Nicholas knew her in his lifetime. In fact, he sat between Donica and me on the front row at her funeral. He even "got his education" about her cremains, curious as he was afterwards. So at 67 this year, she was his great-g'ma. Always will be.

On Daddy's side of the fence, there's G'ma Virgina (here with Nicholas and his half-brother, Ryan)!
Yup, his first two g'mas are Virginias and both are redheads. He couldn't have done that if he had tried!

Amy's dad had already married Linda, so in time sequence, she was/is one of the early g'mas. G'ma Linda.

Linda's 87-year-old mom is still alive and has met Nicholas a few times. So here's another great-g'ma. Great-g'ma Janet.
She's the one I had missed! (Anyone else out there I don't know about??)

Daddy then married Dee and HER mom is Anna (with one of her great-g'sons, not Nicholas). So add G'ma Anna to the list.

Dee's dad married Bobbi, Dee's step-mom, so now add G'ma Bobbi.
(Is she a "real" redhead??? I don't know.)

Then this year Amy married Dennis, whose mom is Judy. G'ma Judy!

Judy's husband is David, whose 98-year-old mother is Ruth. That makes her great-g'ma Ruth! Her birthday is in January and she wanted everyone to know that she's "almost 99."

There you have it. TEN. Count them! Seriously...what would YOU do with 10 g'mas?! I've often said you can never spoil a kid with too much love...especially if you're a g'ma, so this is one very loved boy who should grow up to be one of the most-loved kids on Planet Earth...ever!


  1. There is no doubt about it...he is one loved boy!!

    Now, just to set the record straight....I also am teaching Nicholas how to save money! On his 6th birthday we rolled up all the coins in my piggy bank and took them to a real bank and opened a savings account. Now, every year around his birthday...we get out the coin wrappers and make another trip to the bank. We also talk about when he gets money as a gift, part of it should stay in his bank and he should only spend part of the money. In my is never too early to start these habits.

    I am very proud to be considered one of the lucky NINE!!

  2. Indeed, his cup will runneth over! What a blessed child. Hats off in honor of all 9 of you.
    Ginnie, what an absolutely beautiful pic of you!! And Donica, I love it. What an awesome expression of joy on your face. It's the very best pic that I've seen captured of you.
    And as Mother Teresa said:
    "Love begins by taking care of the closest ones-the ones at home."

  3. 10 grandma' for every finger, I think Nicholas' smile will get him get away with everything....I hope he does know how to handle so much love around him...
    I even think this is a world record....
    This is a set of great grandmothers.....I haven't had the pleasure of being a grandmother myself (erm I hope to have to wait for at least for 10 to 15 years!!) I think grandmothers can do anything and get away with it..I saw it with my mom and my son....I know you cherish the moments with Nicholas.....
    Great must have been great fun making it...

  4. Awww, what a precious picture of you and Nicholas! I'm sure he knows just how much all his g'mas treasure him.

    P.S. Will write to you SOON!! Lots to tell.

  5. Wow, even I had never stopped to think about how many grandmothers Nicholas has! It gives "extended family" a whole new meaning! He is indeed a very loved little boy! Great post, Mom!

  6. Hmmm, Ginnie and I are in accounting and neither of us got the count of 10! Perhaps that means I need to retire too. :-)

  7. Wowee wowee wow. I didn't even meet one grandma! I might have met Grandma Olive, but I don't remember her. I agree, the photo of you and Nicholas is fantastic, such joy.

    This post makes me so happy! Happy for Nicholas, happy for the grandmas, happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy (is that 10?) for the world.

  8. LOL! Sugar G'ma... I love it! What a lucky boy he is to have so many G'mas! I only knew one Grandma (and she lived with us), and she gave me sooo much love that I could imagine almost bursting having 10! :)

  9. Donica: Yes, you are teaching Nicholas how to save, for sure. You're still his Sugar G'ma and he'll never forget it. :) Neither will I. You are now one of TEN!

    Bob: So perfectly said...except it's now TEN!

    T1: Yes! :)

    Astrid: HA! One for every finger. I like that. You're gonna love being a g'ma when the time comes and you'll be a good one! Yes, I had great fun doing this post. The g'mas kept coming out of the woodwork. HA!

    Christina: I'm sure Nicholas KNOWS his g'mas love him but has no clue it's not "normal" to have so many! :) I wait to hear from you!

    Amy: Who would have thought that g'mas could be so "extended!!!"

    Bob: HA! You'd love it...retirement!

    Ruth: So much happiness to last a lifetime! :)

    CS: Nicholas probably has no clue that it's not "normal" to have so many. But I'm sure he does feel loved!

  10. Ginnie, LOVE this post! How fun to see ALL the other g'mas AND great-g'mas. I am so happy to be counted among the ten AND love having a grandson in our family.

  11. hey can I be one of his grandmas too?

    That is a lot of birthday spankin's!

  12. He's a very lucky young man, as I never had a grandma, and OlderSon had a grandma only until he was 8 and YoungerSon never had a grandma at all, so perhaps we could borrow one or two of Your gramdmas for special occasions seeing you seem to have an excess of them????

  13. Ginnie what a wondeful start to a family of grandma's and you at the top of the tree of course....
    This is great Ginnie,as you know my gran was my bestfriend who past away 24yrs ago and to this day I love and miss her sooooo much.
    I know Nicholas will remember all his cherished moments with one and all.
    You did a great job Musketeer:)

  14. Judy: We all are so lucky, aren't we! I'm so glad you're one of us. :)

    Don: You always say the best things! You made me laugh! And yes, why not. We will make you our token g'ma. :)

    Sham: He is making up for what the rest of us never had...because I didn't have g'mas either. Not ones I could see because they lived too far away or died when I was very young.

    Lurch: I wish I had happy memories of g'mas, Tracy, but I don't. You are lucky to have yours. And yes, Nicholas will the luckiest of us all!

  15. I am all muddled in my head right now but am happily-muddled lucky boy he is .....he has a hit a jackpot with g'mas!!!!!!! I envy you, Nicholas!!! :)
    Loved the post........I will continue to smile for quite some time......:) :) :)

  16. Lucky Nicholas! A plethora of G'mas.....every boy's wish come true.....