Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the same image I have on my Hart & Soul post as a way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Actually, it's the same image but in full color, instead of muted.

I was lucky enough to see this Münster reformed protestant church in Basel, Switzerland, when we were there a couple weeks ago. I was amazed at how accurate the time was on the sundial. I took the picture at 10:45 a.m. (click image to enlarge)!

Anyway, Thanksgiving best wishes to one and all! It's ALWAYS time to give thanks, no matter what our situation. Isn't that the key to happiness?!

Donica and I fly to Phoenix early tomorrow morning and then will drive to Sedona on Friday for a long weekend in the Red Rocks till Tuesday. We've always wanted to experience the vortexes there! I'll let you know if we come back as new/renewed women. :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and have a good time in Sedona. I'm looking forward to read about your experiences there as we talked about it when you were in Basel.

  2. Oh that sounds exciting. Hope it's rejuvinating (sp) and warm!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you have a rejuvenating retreat.

  4. Oh, ha, I just wrote the same thing as Expat. Ha ha.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Have fun in Sedona. I know you will. When Jimmy and I went in May, we went to one of the most sacred vortexes, the 7 pools, if i remember the name correctly, and didn't experience anything. I might have been wanting it too much. I did however have quite a soulful "moment" in another location that I couldn't tell you how to get to if I tried. Not near anything well known. An amazing place! I can't wait to read about your experiences.
    Travel well my friend.

  6. Thanks for posting the color version of this amazing building. Both shots are amazingly clear...and I am still in shock over that sundial.

    Looking forward to our time in Sedona!

    Wishing everyone the world over a Happy Thanksgiving :)

  7. I do like the shutterchance post Ginnie but this one is my favorite of the two. I like the coloured roof tiles they are stunning.
    Once again Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and yours.
    I hope you have a nice trip and bring back some lovely shots for us all to see through your eyes.
    Be safe mijn vriend :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ginie. :)

  9. Sounds like you'll have a great TG weekend and I'm happy for you!

    As you know, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway, but I am lucky to have my Diane bringing the tradition from America. We will have our turkey dinner on Sunday :-)

    Btw: Your welcome over to join our cruise to Kiel last weekend.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! From the sound of it, you are having a terrific time out there (Donica emailed). Wow! You two always fit so much into a short amount of time. Your energy is remarkable!

  11. CS: So far we are having a blast, after our first 3 full days. We did a hot-air balloon ride over the Red Rocks yesterday and will never forget it! One of the best experiences of my life ever!

    ET: Today (Sunday) we go to the vortexes. I hope I feel something. :)

    Christina: Thank you, dear friend. So far so good. :)

    Mad: With my heart wide open, I hope to receive whether I feel anything or not! I believe in such things.

    Donica: Today is our vortex day (Sunday). I want to be wide open! It's been an amazing trip thus far....

    Lurch: You liked this one better and Claire liked the other one better. I guess that's why we have options/choices. :) Thanks, mijn vriend.

    Claire. Thanks for stopping by and commenting here!

    Renny: You have Diane, who gives you the best of both worlds! :)

    Ruth: I don't know if we'll ever be able to slow down when we do trips like this! We always want to see everything we can...(sigh). Today (Sunday) is the vortex day. I wonder what we'll be saying at the end of the day! :)

  12. I have been reading all the comments, after this exhausting day, you will look as the last picture of the Basel post.
    Hope you enjoyed the trip to Sedona.

  13. hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving, Ginnie. When I grow old, I want to travel all over the world, like you :) :)

  14. Ginnie, I can't wait to see your Sedona photos. I love that place. And I wanna go back one of these days.

    Hoped you had a good Thanksgiving.


  15. Lekra: Every trip totally tires me out, but I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

    Moi: Hopefully you'll be able to travel like I have...I wish it for you. I feel very lucky!

    PC: One of these days I'll start working on the pics!!!! Thanks, M'roy.