Thursday, June 19, 2014

For Chad and Norma: The Cottage

Returning to our May England trip (midst the craziness now of the Brazil World Cup and another Dutch win!), it's Chad and Norma's turn...with whom we stayed for 2 days.

It's hard to know where to begin but where they live is worth an entire post, all on its own.  Tell me if you're thinking of Better Homes and Gardens by the time you get through this!

This is why they call it The Cottage.

Front or back, it just oozes with charm...from 1346.
Yes, you heard me.  Can you imagine living in a house that old?

What's your favorite room inside your house?
Okay, so let's start with the kitchen, which is totally remodeled.

Tell me those knick-knacks in every corner aren't adorable.
And a dish or cup for every possible scenario!
(Remember, the English love their tea!)

This is where Norma is the QUEEN...and she loves it.
I think Food or Kitchen is probably her middle name.
You could say she eats it up.

 And so did we!  The dining room is right off the kitchen and is so cozy.
 But she is also an artist and has her own studio on the top floor.

You could say she eats that up, too.

 Everywhere you go, The Touch is there.  See what I mean?
This is in the family room....

...where lots of figuring out and explaining happened.
Did I mention that Chad is one of our Shutterchance bloggers...and he is a CRAZY artist!
And oh yes, they have 3 kids and 13 grandchildren.

Speaking of crazy...I went CRAZY over all the windows.
These are from the kitchen alone!

But all over the house, the windows totally charmed me.

See what I mean?

Now, come back outside and eat breakfast with us.

It's while sitting around food that we enjoy such good company.
Have you noticed that?
(BTW, Chad and Norma have been sweethearts since their teens!)

Lucky for us, the weather was nice enough for a lunch as well....
(Chad remembered we both like Magners Irish cider)

...and for a Happy Hour up on the hillside, where the conversations continued.

See what I mean about Better Homes and Gardens!

Even with the "obligatory" cats to entertain us!

 Everyone is welcome at this fabulous home.  Trust me.
Well...almost everyone.  We were ever so lucky for such a grand tour for two days!

Next up:  the things we did with Chad and Norma (besides eat and talk)!


  1. Two amazing warmhearted gifted people live in this fabulous place.
    I don't even know the words to express their hospitality, their friendship, their home, which is a true heaven of peace and quiet. To be so close at nature. This was vacation to no end.
    Thank you dear Norma and Chad for the 2 memorable days. Thank you Ginnie for making these memories very visual.

    1. You are so right about everything, MLMA. It really was like we were on a real vacation for those 2 days. I'll never forget it!

  2. You have done them proud Ginnie. The orange cat is my mate!

    1. Thank you, dear Bill. I know that cat is your mate. In fact, I have a couple pics of you with him/her...but didn't include them in the post. :(

  3. I am in love! That cottage is perfection: lived in, beautiful, charming, artist-residence, wow. Thank you, I am inspired now. :)

    They must be wonderful people.

    1. I thought of you and Nancy almost the entire time we were there, Ruth. You would absolutely LOVE everything about this place...and the people. YES!

  4. It looks fabulous!! Do they do B&B? I would certainly book myself in for a night or two...


    1. EXACTLY, Cherry. I already told them that we would PAY them for a week there as a B&B. I totally agree! And the thing is, they'd be perfect hosts for a B&B! Maybe in their next lifetime?

  5. All I can say is this is bliss for me...I would be in heaven!!

    1. You've hit the nail on the head, Donna. We didn't want to leave.

  6. Don’t houses that old need a moat and portcullis? A lovely family portrait and, yes, a House and Garden feature article.

    1. HA! So true, Ted. Thankfully they're on a hill and don't ever have to worry about being flooded by all the rain they might get (if this past winter is any indication).