Thursday, August 04, 2016

For Don and Ruth: The Netherlands in July

Now that they arrive home today, back in the U.S. of A., here's a celebration of the fact they really were here where we live, here in the Netherlands.  Sister, Ruth, and her hubby Don, really did come and visit us.  It's a big deal because after 6+ years, this is a FIRST for any of my 6 remaining sibs.

So, Don and Ruth, this is for you, to show you really were here with us:

Friday, 22 July:

We picked you up at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport after your all-nighter flight,
and did the obligatory photo-op at IAMSTERDAM.

From the airport, we parked at the AJAX soccer arena and took the Metro into the city center,
where we then went straight to the Rijksmuseum area.

We were all hungry by then and walked straight to the nearby Wagamama, 
our favorite Japanese ramen bar.

It was also a good plaza for picking up your Amsterdam/Dutch souvenirs.

And because this was Don's first visit to Amsterdam,
we chose the fastest way to see the city with a 75-minute canal cruise.
And then went home!  It was a full day.

Saturday, 23 July:

After a hearty breakfast in our apartment, we drove on the dijk to nearby Fort Vuren.

We knew Don in particular would eat it up.  Which he did.

We stopped at the Herwijnen stork village and found a few storks still breeding.

And then took the ferry across the Merwede river to the Loevestein Castle
(now with leaves on the trees).

That's where we spent most of our time that day, inside and out.

It's known for all its interactive fun...for kids of all ages.
As I recall, Don hit all 3 of his marks.

We have grown to love this castle because of all it's different floor levels,
plus nooks and crannies.

Don, of course, was intrigued by all the wood!

Next door to Loevestein is the delightful city of Woudrichem,
where you climbed up the windmill, while I stayed below with the "brethren." 

Once home that evening, we walked to our favorite Greek restaurant on our main canal,
sitting at our favorite table in the corner of the bay window.

Sunday, 24 July:

After a typical Dutch breakfast of uitsmijters (thanks to Astrid),
we took our Gorinchem citadel walk.
I always think of you when I see the huge sycamores and chestnut trees.

I think we all love how things the sluices/locks everywhere in the Netherlands.

And where the walls can go up in case of high water...also intriguing,
as well as the new guardian deities from South Korea, gifted to the city.
I think Don had a South Korean student this past school year?

Nothing wrong with a good photo op, of course.

Then we went to our favorite pannenkoeken restaurant out in the polder...

before ending our day at Kinderdijk, one of our favorite places on earth.

Okay, so maybe these were OUR favorite places, but we wanted you to see them.
ALL of them.  And here's proof that you did.

THANK YOU for coming to see where we live.  Now you know why I'm in heaven here.


  1. Thank you for sharing the visit with your blogging friends, Ginnie. It was interesting to see where you went and what you saw!

    1. You're so welcome, Marie. Anyone who comes to visit us gets this treatment, both during and after. HA!

  2. Love it all and love it even more that I have experienced some of these places with you two!! Don and Ruth are just so stinkin' cute!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I knew you, of all people, Robin, would enjoy this post...not only because you were indeed here with us (though not in all the places) but because you'd love seeing Don and Ruth. :)

  3. It is almost as fun to relive it all through your pictures as it was in reality! We enjoyed every minute and still can't get over how much you did for and with us! You two are just incredible! As we said to you many times, we love your life .. and you two!

    1. Thank you, Ruth!!! It finally happened. And because we have this "second blessing," we can relive your time with us over and over again. THANK YOU FOR COMING!

  4. We had such an amazing time with you two! Having your loving and generous "native" touch with everything we did and ate made this a most memorable and special time. I will treasure this almost as much as I treasure you two Dutch girls!!

    Love and hugs from don

    1. Flattery will get you just about everywhere, Don!!! THANK YOU for coming. We will never forget it.

  5. Oh how fun to share the delights of A'dam with your family.

    1. Amsterdam and where we live here in Gorinchem, Maria, an hour's drive away. It was wonderful!

  6. It is amazing what you can show in such a short time. I always say 'pictures tell more than a thousand words'. That is the case here. we had a fabulous time together and it was fun to give both Ruth and Don a little tour in 'our backyard'... great post IHVJ.

    1. FINALLY, they were here and everything went off without a hitch. I'm so glad we can now look back on the photos to "remember" our memories. Thanks for sharing them with me!