Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jeannette's BIG 5-0 (for Jeannette and Femke)

On February 3rd, our dear friend, Jeannette, turned 50 and celebrated with family and friends big-time at one of our favorite places, La Caponnière.  It so happens that I did a post on this delightful war-bunker-made-wine-bar 3 years ago.  We LOVE that place.

Anyway, lucky us to be in on this YUGE birthday celebration just a 10-minute walk from our apartment.  Like in America, if not more so, the BIG 5-0 is super huge here.

The images that follow are for YOU, Jeannette (and wife Femke).  You really did turn 50, and here's the proof.

Here's the birthday girl!
We got there early enough to watch the entrance being transformed before our eyes.
Private Party Only for that festive evening.

Jeannette's mom was already there, so we sat with her to keep each other company.
It was special that we had previously met her.

No need to introduce you to everyone.  Jeannette knows who they are!
But that's Femke with Jeannette's mom (top-right).
And that's Femke's dad with Jeannette's mom (bottom-left).

Femke, the wife extraordinaire, was everywhere, making it happen.
(No, she does not normally hide behind her hair, in case you wondered.)

Jeannette's dad and Femke's mom have both crossed over The Big Bridge.
But Femke gained a step-mom and step-brother who are like her own.

We spent a lot of time with Femke's dad and step-brother
(while Jeannette strutted about).

And with Femke's step-mom.  I fell in love with them all!

But back to The Birthday Girl.  Miss Flutterby for the evening, of course.
She was good at making the rounds.
I just wish I had spent time with her gay brother (middle-left).

Family.  Friends.  Co-workers.  
And Gifts, of course.

The Dutch call this gezellig.  The English cozy is as close as it gets.
But it's more than cozy.  It's...gezellig.

Special friends, Liesbeth and Ank, we had also met previously.

But former ex (brunette) and now wife (blonde) we had heard about but never met till then.
Don't you love how everyone can get along and celebrate together!

We knew children would come...6 of them.
They had their own party at the other end of the bunker.

But it was Maarten we wanted to finally meet:  Jeannette's godson.

He's Jeannette's godson but he belongs to Femke.
It's because he wants to be a famous chef just like her!
He's had many challenges in his 9 years but has been loved to death through them all.

La Caponnière.  A wine and tasting room for the soul.

And with the extra food catered in, you couldn't have asked for more.

Except for the Birthday Song!

I wasn't fast enough on the draw to catch the entire song, but THIS is the Dutch way.

More GEZELLIG you cannot get!

Let this one last a long time.

[Apologies for the poor quality of most of these images, for which I did not use flash in low light.
But hopefully you get the gist?] 


  1. Voilà une série sympathique qui fera de beau souvenirs à Jeannette de la fête de son 50ème anniversaire. Ca compte les dizaines, l'an prochain je passerai le cap des 70

    1. Birthdays are so fun, Marie, especially when they have a zero on the end of them. HA! You will love turning 70, I hope. I sure did. I'm only 3 years ahead of you, it appears. I wonder what 80 will feel like???? :)

  2. This is 'geweldig'. A fabulous post to remember the special celebration. FIVE-O is a biggy and I can say 'we' celebrated in style.
    You did an amazing job on the pictures. It shows that everybody had a great time. IHVJ.

    1. We are so fortunate to call them friends. LUCKY US!

  3. Happy birthday to Jeannette. Great party and great photos!

    1. I think Jeannette felt like she really was celebrated! :)

  4. It looks like a good time was had by all... i love Femke's hair, tho I used to have a haircut like that and it's hard to see! lol

    happy bday to Jeannette and all that :)

    1. A good time really WAS had by all, at least by the looks of it and speaking for ourselves. :)

  5. The perfect place for a party!! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

    1. It really IS the perfect place, Robin. Next time you're here, we'll take you there for a nice port. :)