Friday, July 23, 2021

Hats Hats Hats and More Hats (cont'd)

It was back on May 6th that I last posted Astrid's bottle-top mutsjes/little hats for charity.  And because not only she but I, too, am now knitting them, it's high-time to post again, to catch up!

First, Astrid:

To begin with, I noticed that I never posted this one after her sheep last post.
How can you resist such a sweet face!

As you can see, I'm bunching "birds of a feather" together.
These are all designs Astrid creates from her creative mind, using solid colors of yarn.

In this case she mixed some of my sock self-striping yarn with her solid yarn.

Again, more of the same.

The sky is the limit when you have endless choices!

See what I mean?

Astrid's creativity astounds me to no end.
Once I am finished with my sock self-striping yarn, I have much to learn from her!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My mutsjes since starting at the beginning of July: 

My very first mutsje is the one on the bottom-right!  HA.
Because my goal is to use up the leftovers of my sock yarn, I'm grouping the mutsjes together
from each leftover skein.  And in this case, because the socks were for Bruce, 
from my high school "Class of '63," these are in honor of him.

Since these sock yarns are self-striping, it means I don't have to do much,
except to sometimes piece solids from the skeins where I want them to be, if that makes sense.

Again, these are all leftovers from the same skein of self-striping sock yarn,
showing how many variations on a theme are possible.

I was quite surprised when this skein yielded only TWO mutsjes,
until I remembered who the socks were for!  Yup--bigger and longer feet.

Not that you would remember but I made the same Christmas socks for both Ruth (top-right)
and Lynne (bottom-left) from my high school "Class of '63."
Because I had leftovers from 2 skeins of the same yarn, I was lucky to get 7 mutsjes.

I made the executive decision to make a tasseled mutsje whenever I can make more than 3 hats,
in case you wondered.

Last but not least, for now, these are in honor of Diane, from my "Class of '63."
Because her feet are small, I milked the leftovers dry, with nothing to spare!
[The true colors look much more green than shows up here...for her Michigan State status!]

So, does it look like we're having fun yet???????



  1. It always looks like you two are enjoying every minute! Love these, Ginnie.

    1. We are, Marie. So glad you can see it in these posts. :)

  2. Oh, thee are all fine
    Sorry ga in het Engels.. maar ze zijn allemaal even mooi

    1. English or Dutch, Marjolein, I understand both. BEDANKT. How can something so small and simple be so much fun!!!

  3. I am having fun by looking at you what you are able to knit with the sock-wool and it is amazing how many variations you can make out of the leftovers. Knitting these mutsjes is the best solution to "get rid" of all the sock-wool. I love that you keep making posts like this so we don't forget. IHVJ.

    1. As always, Astrid, you're not only my Partner in Crime but my Fan Club all wrapped up in one. THANK YOU. I love that we're in this together!

  4. Lovely noggin pastries! How do they effect thinking?

    1. HAHA. Better to ask your soft-boiled eggs, Ted, after you've kept them warm with some of these. :)


    LOVE these!!!



    1. Bless you, Robin. You can tell we're having so much fun with these!

  6. I agree, you two really are AMAZING! These are adorable.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. You can see why we're having so much fun. :)