Saturday, February 19, 2005

Earth's Collective Consciousness

As a rule of thumb, I open 95% of all junk mail just for the halibut. I routinely rip up stuff that might get into the hands of identity thieves, being the good, paranoid citizen Clark Howard wants me to be. As a bonus, I'm sometimes surprised by cute stickers that I add to my collection for a rainy day with Nicholas.

The other day was not the first time I've received Richard Gere's letter on the plight of Chinese-occupied Tibet being pushed to cultural oblivion. But it was the first time I really paid attention to the enclosed Tibetan flag decal.

Without going into all the symbolism, it was the 3-sided yellow border that grabbed me. It "represents the flourishing of the Buddha's teachings. The side without a border represents Tibet's openness to non-Buddhist thought."

Can you imagine what would happen in our world if every nation, religion, cult or person had one "border" open for the thoughts, opinions, proclivities, diversities and practices of others! Ruth and I were chatting the other day about what the world will look like 200 years from now. She said there'd probably be only one religion/church and we'd all worship together in common communion and brother/sisterhood. And I said, Is that not what the Age of Aquarius is all about!

"Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding.
No more falsehoods or derision,
Golden living, dreams of vision.
Mystic crystal revelations,
And the mind's true liberation.
Aquarius! Aquarius!"

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