Friday, February 11, 2005

A Gemini Two-Spirit

Astrologically speaking, I was born a Gemini: the Twins. That means they're two of me! Donica sometimes will ask, "Which one of you is speaking right now, the one right here in front of me or the one up there [as she points to the ceiling where I'm bouncing off the walls]!" HA. Some Gemini's are the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde variety, with two opposing personalities (I once worked with someone like that!). Since I've never been accused of such, I assess myself as the Gemini who is always doing more than one thing at a time (hence, bouncing off the walls).

Sexuality speaking, I was born a Two-Spirit, according to Native American tradition. Those who are gay are believed to have the spirit of both a male and female combined in one body and therefore are believed to be better suited as the spiritual leaders, healers and teachers of their tribes. "The two-spirited person was very important and very honored. They are looked at as a messenger from Spirit, the wise ones, the seers of things unseen. Their gift of having two spirits allowed them to see, feel and understand things that others could not. They were healers, the medicine men/women, the keepers of wisdom and of spiritual understandings."

If there are two of me (Twins), does that mean I'm a Four-Spirit! (HA) I hope not. But I do ponder being wistful about Shaman's Vision (2/9 post). They say you choose your next life....

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