Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Outstanding In His Field

When I saw this in the NY Times today, I just about jumped out of my chair. We have seen John Cerney's art when visiting with Mom in Salinas, CA, (before she moved to Atlanta).

"Out of the fertile fields of the Salinas Valley, the giant figures loom: 18-foot-high plywood workers harvest iceberg lettuce. An irrigator, his boot on a shovel, surveys the land. A farmer crouches nearby, his hand cupping the loamy soil. Women in headscarves thin just-budding crops. The creases in their shirts, their bodily expressions, even with their backs turned, these figures are so lifelike that their appearance startles passers-by, which is what their creator, the artist John Cerney, intends. "

Man! Can you imagine how fun (= soulful) this is for HIM, let alone us!

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