Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Soul Prints

In an IM chat with Ruth this morning she alerted me to a book she knew I'd appreciate: Soul Prints: Your Path to Fulfillment, by Rabbi Marc Gafni. This is what he says:

"We all have a box, and in that box is our stuff, it's our things, and it's not our degrees and it's not our status, and it's not our job and it's not our piety, and it's not our religiosity, and it's none of our credits in the world.

It's our fears, our hopes, our dreams, our pathologies, our unique silliness, it's the stuff that we are. That's the stuff that I wanna call with you, not our finger print, but our soul print.

We have a soul print. And "the inability to share my soul print with another human being is the definition of loneliness." That's what loneliness means. My soul print is the DNA of my soul. My soul print is the unique swirls and curves that make up my infinite specialness and uniqueness. Right, that box that I carry around with me, that's who I am in the world."

What is your soul print? “It is the frequency of divine light refracted through the prism of your uniqueness,” teaches Gafni. “It is the song only you can sing, the singular instrument of your destiny.”

Thanks, Ruth, for knowing.

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