Friday, March 11, 2005

Networking Serendipity

Ever since I started this blog on 1/23/05, it bothered the heck outta me that I couldn't manipulate the text to align to the right or left of my images. Blogspot would let me align my images left, right or center, kinda like a Word document, but not the text, or so I thought.

One day Serendipity happened, in the form and shape of a homeless man named Kevin Barbieux. This is how the story unfolds:

My nephew, Nate, has his own Spera In Deo blog that I visit every day. One day, 2/23/05 to be exact (the day after I was fired! Ever notice how significant mileposts always seem to have pre or post meanings? But I digress...), he had a post on Homeless Blogs with this photo of Kevin.
Lo and behold, Kevin himself has 2 of his own blogs, one of which is on knitting, of all things, and which, coincidentally, uses the same template as mine here at In Soul (Rats! I see he has changed it!). As I glanced through his blog, I was so excited to see that, YES, text can indeed be manipulated in this template. So I e-mailed him and asked him how he did it. Was it an HTML thing?

Yes, it's an HTML thing and in a response back, he essentially told me how to do it. It didn't make a lot of sense until I started playing around with it last weekend before I went on My Roots Trip. Besides of which, I had started a self-taught course I found on the internet, which helped.

So, did anyone notice!?! My last 4 posts about My Roots Trip are totally manipulated around the photos. HA. I bet you didn't even notice (except you, Silke, but that's not fair since I had already told you). Small joys can be so powerful. So serendipitous.

Kinda gives networking a whole new meaning!


  1. I'm glad you found the answer to your question about the pictures. I know this has been an open issue for you since your first posting! Funny how things work out....