Sunday, March 13, 2005

Westrin & Mowry

Time for some big-time bragging!

Last night, Westrin & Mowry (aka Brian and Pete) were back at Eddie's Attic here in Atlanta, maybe the 7th or 8th time now in over a year. Driving down from Michigan State is quite the trip for getting their name and music out, but it's definitely working because, by now, they have a nice following here in our neck of the woods.

Here's where the bragging starts. Pete Mowry is my nephew, the son of my sister, Ruth and Don, from Michigan. It's a long story about how he became the lead guitar for Brian's singing, which you can read for yourself at their site under The Band link. But trust me. He's good; they're good. I know I'm prejudiced but they really are good!

Part of the fun when they come south is to whoop it up as their biggest fan club. My daughter Amy, Pete's cousin, invariably gets a group of her own friends to join the camaraderie. And while the nights don't usually start until it's my bedtime, this old-timer whoops it up with the best of them. I love it. (And yes, that's Brian.)

Last night Pete and Brian opened for Matthew Kahler, who sings like James Taylor (who turned 57 today, I noticed--trivia!). After their 6 or 7 songs in the limelight, it was Matthew's turn. He was so obviously blown away by Pete's electric-guitar playing that he invited Pete to accompany him, along with his bass guitarist, for maybe 80% of his songs. It was unbelievable in 2 ways: Pete, who knew none of the songs, immediately found his groove and soared. It was written all over his body that he was in total ecstacy. And secondly, the audience shared the utter electricity of the moment. You had to be there! I found out from Ruth when I called her today that what happened has been a dream of Pete's for some time now. He was clearly in his element! In Soul!

The only sadness of the evening was that Donica, in Germany, couldn't be here to share the joy. Actually, I did beam up one of the songs to her voicemail via my phone (while she slept, 6 hours ahead), so she at least got a taste.

Please have a listen, if you've not heard them yet. You've Got It All may be my favorite, on their One Week Epiphany CD. Supposedly they have songs ready for their second CD, hopefully out this Fall. We can hardly wait!

Talk about proud cousins! Talk about this proud aunt!


  1. As you mentioned in the posting, I wish I could have attended the special night. I did enjoy the message on my voice mail at the office, although the sound quality from live performance-to cell phone-to voice mail-to cell phone across the ocean was not iPOD quality, I still felt like I heard some part of the upcomming album! Thanks!!


  2. Yes, sometimes stuff gets lost in the translation, I'm afraid! (sigh) But it's the thought that counts.

  3. I feel as though I experienced this through you! I'm still flying high and don't know when I'll come down.

    Do I have to?


  4. Mothers never have to "come down," as far as I'm concerned!