Friday, September 30, 2005

Growing-Up Connections

Last night I had one of those spontaneous babysitting opportunities while Amy was out-n-about before her birthday today. So, first of all,

  • Connection #1: Happy Birthday, Amy! You're growing up! :)

After supper, I helped Nicholas do his homework (do you remember homework in Kindergarten?!). First of all, he had to draw and name a picture for 4 letters: K, Z, Q and L. While we were eating, he figured out his plan and chose the words that were the easiest to draw: kite, zig-zag, quilt and letter.

THEN he had to write the names of people in his family, count the letters in each name and decide which was the shortest and which the longest. A-m-y (3), N-i-c-k (4), N-i-c-h-o-l-a-s (8). (Hang on, the connection is coming.)

THEN he drew his birthday card for Mommy with flowers, a heart that he colored pink, an I-love-you, and his own lick to seal the envelope. So precious. He loves his mommy!

THEN we played cards: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Go Fish. Matching colors and numbers. At the end he had 8 matches. Immediately, he had that Aha look and exclaimed:

  • Connection #2: "I have as many matches as there are letters in my name!"

THEN, after his bath and while tucking him in bed, hugs and kisses all around, he exclaimed again,

  • Connection #3: "I really had NINE matches, G'ma, because the number of my name and the number of the matches I won was also a match!"

Duh! Do the math, G'ma. And THEN eat him up!

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