Sunday, September 18, 2005


This is my favorite time of the year: Autuum! Amy says Atlanta is not cooperating, with temps today up to 90° F. But here in Hannover, Germany, we're having gloriously sunny days in the 60's with nights in the 40's. It was so unbelievably gorgeous yesterday that we spontaneously decided to go to the Herbstfestival at Herrenhäuser Gärten. If it was anything like the Kleines Fest at the end of July (7/31 post), we knew we would not be disappointed. And we weren't.

It wasn't as big of a fest geographically in the sense that it occupied only one part of Herrenhäuser Gärten around the Leibniz Temple. But it certainly was big enough to cover all the obligatory signs and symbols of Autuum PLUS a particular catering to the dogs! Instead of our dog days of summer, it's Germany's dog days of Autuum. As you'll see in my photo album, they were everywhere, showing off in all their canine pomp and circumstance.

Add to the dogs the fruits of Fall--the flowers, apples, pumpkins, crafts, whimsy, Canadian geese (in Germany?), warm sweaters, jackets, boots, cafe macchiato, sauteed champignons (mushrooms) in garlic sauce, German beer, lederhosen (leather pants), oils and spices, and everything nice. I loved it all.

And as always, the families. Walking hand-in-hand, old and young alike, and, this time, with their dogs in tow.

And the eis! Don't forget the ice cream! God knows they need it as they watch their TVs right now to see who wins the election held today for Chancellor. More on that later this week, I'm sure, as Germans wait for who will win this close race. But for now, just breathe in the autumnal air. Just breathe!

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